My name is Ronja

I want to make this world more joyful, playful & colorful! My goal is to inspire you to take note of the little tiny things like a friendly sunray on your face. I want to rise your and my awareness, how precious this life is. Every moment it could be over, so let's enjoy every day to the fullest! Let's use joy as our compass!

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«I love my life & all the people who play the star roles or the featured part. Being happy & joyful is my goal, every single day!»

Ronja Sakata

My fancy third person bio

Ronja Sakata is a Life and Business Coach, Food Engineer and Queen of Joy. Since launching in 2013, Ronja treats clients to a secret world of joy and energy.

With her zest for life and passion to change the world, Ronja has a unique talent for inspiring and educating all those around her, so their business and personal lives may thrive each and every day with ease and grace.

Ronja is fluent in Japanese and has an overwhelming passion for Japan after an internship there in 2001. She currently resides in Switzerland with her husband and daughter.

Ronja is a Food Engineer with a BA and a Masters from the ETH Zürich where she obtained her Degree in Teaching Higher Education. In 2009, she obtained her Coaching Degree from the Zürich University of Teacher Education (PH Zürich).

My Story

More than 20 years ago, I was standing at the open grave of a friend for the first time. So many questions, so many why's, so much anger that something like that is even «allowed» to happen. Our life is finite, that is a fact. We don't know how it will be after we’ve died, but it's upon us to live OUR LIFE TODAY and to find joy in every day. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow... the days become weeks, the weeks become months and the months create years.

In the following 10 years, sadly I was attending WAY too many funerals of friends. Avalanches, bike accidents, suicide, avalanche again... it was crazy! In 2005, when a friend died at the age of 25 after having a heart attack without any high-risk sport involved...she was at home on the phone... (heart attack at 25...helloooo!!??) I had had enough. That was the moment when I once and for all decided to live my life only as I wanted. With as few compromises as possible.

I decided to dream big and to go all in to make my dreams come true.

I decided to create my days so that I feel good, no, so that I feel great! 

Because maybe tomorrow my heart will stop beating and that is why I enjoy life TODAY and NOW with all my senses, in full colour and to its full extend while I plan to be as vibrant, healthy, fit and fun even at the age of 100 years and beyond! I love my life and I love to spend time on our beautiful planet, so I intend to stick around as long as possible.

Each year I get to know a little better what I really want. I am the best friend of my intuition and I listen closely to my inner voice. I do what I want, say what I think and take what I need. You think: «Whaaat? That's so selfish?! To be selfless is a good thing! To sacrifice oneself for others is a part of life.»  

Of course, it's not about being narcissistic and selfish and destroying everything that gets in my way like a bulldozer. THAT I don't mean at all.

My goal is that in the evening I can look back on my day with a smile on my face. A day on which I met the people I wanted and because I wanted to and not because I thought I had to. A day during which I had time to think, to enjoy all the tiny moments, to enjoy the best food (yes, I also decorate my meals even if I cook for myself : ) and yes, that makes a difference!) and I take good care of my body. Because my body is a genius and I've got only one so I take good care of it! : )

By making myself a priority in my life I've got more energy, more to give, more fun and leisure with everybody that crosses my path or that is somehow connected with me. I am a much more pleasant contemporary, companion, partner, client, host... if I take care of MYSELF and don't let my good mood slip away in vain.

Let's listen to our feelings. Enjoying what feels good makes us a better person and fulfils us with joy. What doesn't feel good needs to leave.

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