Gain energy with this magical tool

With the Golden Bubble Meditation you create your own personal golden bubble in which you can retreat at any time or with which you can walk through the streets glittery golden and filled with energy...

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Whether you are feeling well and want to bath in this wonderful energy or you need a boost of energy, the gold bubble will provide you with energy and root you to the earth without losing lightness.


It's so much fun each time I mount my golden bubble to walk around the city. : ) You can make it bigger or smaller, paint it colorful, imagine it to have a different material....


The golden bubble is great when you have a difficult conversation ahead of you. Fill it with good feelings and wear it around you like a protective shell. The golden bubble is your personal place of power!

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The golden bubble meditation is really worth its weight in gold. It does me so much good to take a little time for myself. I always feel more grounded, more with myself, more vital and protected. I now also do it quickly on a packed train, at noon when my head is already full, or before important team meetings. This way I can better distance myself, regenerate and stay more with myself or say what I think. Again: It is worth its weight in gold this golden bubble meditation AND Ronja is great! :)