Be the first to read my book «The Joy Compass» and get my Vision Webinar as an extra bonus on top of it!

Be the first to read my book «The Joy Compass» and get my Vision Webinar as an extra bonus on top of it!

I'm in the final spurt for my book and I'm so thrilled to offer you this unique chance to preorder the book and get the PDF before it's even out on the market! 

You'll get the book within the next few weeks and in the meantime I gift you my Vision Webinar, with which you can plan your 2021. 

I'd like to take this unique chance!

«The Joy Compass»

Do you know what you want in every area of your life? If you think that there could be MORE than what you have now, you have the perfect book in your hands. Step out of the hamster wheel ‒ analyze, declutter, set boundaries and create habits that serve you today and greatly impact your new future full of joy.

This book offers you tools and tricks, which you can implement right away. Work through the book, envision your dream life and take action. You have everything you need to change; this book, a journal and a pen will help you take the leap!

«The Joy Compass» is a two-in-one offer. On the one hand, it is geared toward women who are in a relationship with a man. Plus, there is also an entire book written directly for your boyfriend or husband who you would love to get off the couch and into action so you can create your dream life together. 

Vision Webinar

Two hours just for you and your 2021. First, we say goodbye to 2020 and honor this year, even though you might want to run away as fast as you can. It's important to send gratitude into the past so that you can create a bloooooming 2021 for you! We'll meditate (yes, that's fun) and we'll write and maybe you draw and after two hours you have all your plans and dreams on paper. I'm not preaching and talking for two hours, YOU are working on your goals. Does that sound good? Sign up now! It's free and no strings are attached. 

Commit to your dreams and your vision for YOUR 2021. Of course, only as far as you WANT. You can decide for YOURSELF, how you want to live your live. That's the best, right?

I want to create an awesome 2021!