Captivating an audience, making them think and dream and inspiring them to action - that's my zone of genius! 

I love to step on a stage or in front of a room and look at the critical eyes of the spectators.

«Will this be interesting?»

«Does she has something to say?»

«Is this speech worth my time?» 

Yes! I can guarantee you to persuade your audience with my speeches or workshops.

What makes me so confident? 12 years of teaching teenagers and grownups, running workshops and live events and speaking in front of hundreds of people with joy and excitement. 

On stage I'm in the zone and I take my audience with me and lead them into inspired action. That's where change occurs: in Action!

The audience has to have good points to think and consider in their own life to connect to the topic!

My favorite topic is how to build a life full of JOY because this brings more fun, beautiful connections and success.

Creating a joy-mindset for yourself, your team, your company makes you more successful, and brings positive advantages to any layer of work and private life. 

It's always nicer and more productive to have people on board who are content, confident and take responsibility for their mood and actions. Work AND life are more fun with this mindset. 

For achieving this, we need to choose to take care of ourselves, our thoughts, dreams and our vision WHO we want to be. 

We need to understand, that we can't take this game of life for granted. Every day is a new chance to create an amazing day. For ourselves and the people around us. 


"Ronja and I met through a good acquaintance of mine, during Ronja’s Japan Walk in Zürich. We hit it off right away and quickly it became clear - we need to hire her. High competence, irresistible charm, great humour and an unbelievable rhetoric. We’re already looking forward to our next engagement at one of our events."

Zita Langenstein
Head of Training, GastroSuisse Zürich

Balloons to celebrate life after my speech. This was magical!

You want to add a workshop? A discussion? A live coaching session? Q&A? Meditation?

I'm happy to talk to you, how I can create the perfect speech and schedule for your event. You tell me, what you want to ignite , I tell you, what I suggest to reach your goal. 

Write an email to me at or book a 30min session to define the outline of your event together live on zoom.

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Keynote-speech, workshops, podium discussion: We'll find out how I can inspire your audience to action & more joy in their life!

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