Do you want to improve your life
but don't know where to start?

You've come to the right place!
Tap into your wisdom and energy without spending loads of money on books, courses and retreats.

We all know self care is key for a joyful and successful life but it often gets lost in the hustle of the daily grind.

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine being connected with your inner voice, knowing what you want and how to achieve it, consciously creating your daily routine. You’ve got it all in you, it only needs to be discovered!


Tap into your inner wisdom and power!

You don't need a guru to tell you what's good for you

-> You've got it all within you!

You don't need another website that tells you how to be happy

-> You just need to know the right techniques & approach to fulfill your own wishes & visions!

You don't need to spend hours of reading and digging into guidebooks

-> I'll help you build your own treasure chest full of supportive & useful tools!

You don't need to force yourself to do things you don't enjoy

-> I'll share with you my whole menu of goodness and you just choose what suits you best!

You don't need to commit to a time consuming program

-> You choose when you do what and how much time you invest

You don't need to waste a lot of time with theory

-> You'll be able to put everything you learn into practice from day one!

You don't have to have any previous knowledge

-> No matter if it's meditating or journaling, you can start from scratch or continue where you left!

Join the Joy Academy and start today

Here's what you're going to get

The 12 Masterclasses are 1-2 hours long and structured, so that you can start implementing right away. 30-Day-Challenges, Meditations, Worksheets, Tools and much more help you further implement what you've learned.

These 12 topics are covered:

Clarity is key

As soon as your vision is anchored in your head and heart, you win! Your best future self is your kindest cheerleader!

What you love can stay

If you are annoyed by the (small or) big mess at home, let's tackle this NOW, together it's possible! The relief is incredible.

Writing is magic

Limiting beliefs get dismantled, dreams become reality, affirmations bring strengths and self-worth. And it's FUN!

You are a VIP

Taking care of you is top priority. Everybody else comes after you. Egoistic? Not at all. You can serve better that way around!

Treat yourself

Treat the temple you live in with care and love. I am convinced that your body knows best what is good for you.

Move your vehicle

Take care of your body, it's the only one you've got. Find out what you and your body need and what brings the most fun! : )

Magical mornings

Creating your personal morning magic is a wonderful thing and will have a very positive influence on your life!

Get rid of old stories

Dissolve everything so that you can be yourself, free and independent and no longer have to carry the old baggage around in your backpack.

Let's be clear

Let's talk about money, because YOU decide how you deal with money and what your attitude is towards money.

Habits are key

Ditch anchors which are not good for you and set new anchors which help you to become your best self and support you every day.

Set the course

Everything that we talk about in the Joy Academy is work on your mindset. Find out how powerful YOU and your mind are.

Vital important

Your breath is essential for survival, everything in your body is happy if you take in more oxygen and breathe deep and conscious. 

I'm ready to start living my dream life!

Are you ready to step in?

At the beginning of each month we meet in a live zoom coaching call to honour the  previous month and welcome the upcoming one.

That's not all

In the closed facebook group you'll find accountability partners, support & cheering on, meditations and challenges and much more.

P.S. You don't need to be in the group to benefit fully from the Joy Academy, but I'd be delighted to have you in there as well. : )

I can't wait to join!









Join theJoy Academy for CHF 888 before the price goes up!

I am working on a big update of the Joy Academy, which will include a new welcoming and user-friendly memberships page and new bonus content to support you even more on your journey to your dream life.

The Joy Academy has become more magical with each passing month over the last two years and the feedback I get makes me incredibly happy. Giving yourself time to address the big questions in life and find out how you can bring joy and contentment into your everyday life is worth so much!

My focus next year lays within the Joy Academy, with live coaching sessions, monthly calls, 90 date planning calls and so much more, you can look forward to it! : )

There will be a 5-day online vision board retreat at the beginning of the year from 13 - 17 January where we will plan and envision a wonderful 2022 together with the other Joy Academy participants.

Join today for CHF 888

Don't hesitate, sign up & try it out

The Joy Academy works like this:

-> After signing up you receive an email with the login that gives you access to the Membershipsite

-> The Membershipsite contains 12 sections plus Bonus with 12 Masterclasses that are 1-2 hours long

-> There is one Masterclass for each month of the year, but you can choose your own pace and time

-> Most Masterclasses come with a 30 day mail challenge, meditations and worksheets

-> All you need is a little bit of time, a journal and a pen

I'm ready!

I started my self development journey

at the open graves of my friends. I decided that every day is precious and I went on a 25year long journey to test every tool I found to create an even better life with more energy and FUN and lightness and trust and JOY. Now I teach you the best of the BEST in the Joy Academy and I'm daily inspired by the wonderful members, who I'm honoured to call my clients. Join us and inspire us with your uniqueness. You are important and I see you!

The Joy Academy is perfect for you if you:

-> want to connect to your intuition and find out what's best for YOU!
-> are curious & open-minded to try out new things!
-> want more joy and fun in your life!

I offer you a lot of awesome things, but:

-> YOU declutter your life from unwanted things
-> YOU change your habits and routines
-> YOU choose JOY to be your guide 

and I'll be here to support you!

Now is your time!

Don't wait until someday, to get things DONE! Your life is now! It's very important to me that I offer you things, that you can implement no matter how stressful your day is, you'll be amazed how little things can have a huge impact, so don't hesitate and choose YOU today!

Yes, I am ready!

Have you got questions?


"Thanks to the Joy Academy I learn to know myself a little better every day, to trust myself more and to create my everyday life the way it suits me! Ronja's favorite phrase "It is your life and it has to be right for you" has become firmly anchored in my head and thanks to these words I have already adjusted some things in my life so that they suit me better. The live meditations in the morning and the monthly calls are great too, you can be there, but you don't have to, because you can watch everything afterwards.

In the Masterclasses you look at different topics, Ronja gives tips and there are meditations too. I especially like the challenges. For each topic, you get 30 days of emails with inputs and ideas that you can/should implement on that day and if you like them, you can integrate them into your daily routine.

I think it's great that you can work on the topics at your own pace in the Joy Academy and that you are also supported by inputs in the Facebook group. This is also where you can exchange ideas and experiences with other subscribers and motivate each other to keep working on the challenges.

In the Joy Academy you spend time with yourself and it is definitely worth it! Spending time with yourself and creating your life in a way that makes you happy is so important!

Thank you Ronja for all the good ideas and inputs, for sharing your experiences and for your cheerful, motivating way. Every Masterclass, meditation and monthly call is fun with you!"

What you need for achieving all this is a little time per month and your decision to create joy in your life!

chf 88 per month*

*Split payment, 12x CHF 88

  • 12 Masterclasses with Ronja
  • Closed facebook group
  • Monthly live group coaching
  • Guided Meditations for tapping into your wisdom
  • Challenges for accountability
  • The top tools, which will change everything

chf 888 per year

Save CHF 168!

  • 12 Masterclasses with Ronja
  • Closed facebook group
  • Monthly live group coaching
  • Guided Meditations for tapping into your wisdom
  • Challenges for accountability
  • The top tools, which will change everything