Is this you?

«I am LOST in a deep valley!!! How the f*%ck do I ever get over this stress? These self-doubt-thoughts are haunting me and I know that if this stupid person (insert neighbor, boss, partner,…) would behave differently everything would be OK! I would be ok!!»

Or is this more accurate?


«Is this it? My glorious life where I hate Sunday evening, because tomorrow…it’s MONDAY and that means that my stupid job is awaiting me and I waste my time doing things I don’t like with people I don’t care about to make money for paying the bills. Weekends have to be GREAT, because what else is it worth living for, and if their not… my world crumbles. What do I actually want?? I just know, that it’s not this!»


Nope? Is this you?

«These little devils who run around my house and dictate every minute of my day drive me CRAZY! I made them myself, so I love them, BUT it’s exhausting. Just too much. I have no second just for me and if anyone tells me: Nap when the baby sleeps! I want to punch them into the face. The house looks like a tornado has hit and when my husband comes home the next time and dares to ask: What have you been doing all day long, honey? I might kill him!»

It's a mix of all these, right?

And not every day is the same!

It also hits differently depending on what day of your cycle you are at…

…and how these other little and big humans around you behave!

…and it depends on the weather!

…and on last nights sleep. If I had a sleepless night because of worries OR a teething baby…or both!? 

Let me tell you: as lost or angry or upset you might feel right now, there is hope! And the best news is, you are in control!

But how do I take control, Ronja?

I tell you the secret about how you’ll get all this:

  • peaceful days, which you enjoy with energy and zest for life
  • clarity about what YOU want your life to look, feel and taste like, NOW and in the future
  • great relationships with your family members, your neighbours, your boss and coworker
  • feeling energized, confident and in your power
  • you love your body and actually listen to her, what she wants and needs
I need not know more, where can I get it??

The secret is… drumroll… you don’t control others.
You let go of controlling anybody.
They are responsible for themselves.

Say it with me









If a lot of but's are dancing rumba in your head right now, watch the video.

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If you work on how to,

  • build a STRONG & JOYFUL mindset
  • coach and MOTIVATE yourself
  • gain ENERGY any time you need it
  • set CLEAR boundaries
  • take CARE of your body

The results can't be paid in GOLD!

Join the Joy Academy now

Ok, lady from Switzerland…

if I would join, what would the next step be? 

I like it. You think in steps. Thinking of all these BIG achievements and how you're possibly gonna reach them, that’s overwhelming and not helpful. Thinking in steps, THAT’s so smart. YOU are so smart. 

You can join right away by clicking here

Or, go on a journey with me.
Are you ready?

First we'll go on a hike in the mountains.

If for example your biggest issue at the moment is a certain person you HATE or dislike or who just pisses you off every day, it’s time for a mountain hike. The energy you waste by being angry, upset or crushed because of this relationship is wasted! You need to get this energy BACK to invest it in your own personal growth, so let’s focus on this first, before we tackle everything else.

Put on your hiking shoes, shoulder your backback and hit the road! Umm I mean HIT PLAY! : )

I need this!

You get the trail map for this issue handed by me personally. I guide you every step along the way.

So what’s next after the squirrel appears?

I lead you through these valleys, I take care of you and you do the work, I’m holding the space for you, so that the time spent is priceless. In the end, you come out of the mountains and arrive in a scenery with mellow hills and the grass is so green, the flowers vibrant and there is a cottage there…it looks so inviting. It has a wooden deck overlooking the hills with a red and white striped deck chair on it. How about you walk over there and take a seat? A sparkly drink will be served as soon as you arrive. You arrive, step up the little stairs. With a sigh of relief, you sit down and just BREATHE. This peace here feels so rejuvenating!

This cottage on these hills is your home for the next few months. You’ll find out what you really want in your life. You’ll design your big vision, how your future should look and especially how YOU want to feel and look and what is it that you do in five years, ten years, twenty years!? 

Vision is great, but you are also taking a close look at your everyday life today. What has to go? WHO has to go? Which beliefs are not serving you anymore?

Behind the cottage, there is a huge tree on another hill. This tree has such a beautiful energy and you often sit up there, leaned against the stem, «drinking up the wisdom of the tree» and journal and meditate and gain energy from the earth and the stars. You finally feel grounded AND elevated at the same time. You feel back in CHARGE. You know that you can choose! You can decide. You hold the compass for your directions in your hands. 

Create your own compass

In the Joy Academy you build your unique, personal compass. You learn about all these tools and techniques, you try and test them and you CHOOSE, again, which methods and habits you want to take with you and ingrain within your compass.


The Joy Academy is no cookie cutter program, which tells you: Do this and do that and then you’ll succeed. You are free to choose!

But Ronja,

you told me that in the mountains I should do this and that and you told me, that it will be hard!

Well, in the mountains it’s different. There I’ll take the lead for your specific problem, so that you’ll get to the cottage as fast as possible.

I have a trail map for each of these problems: 


I take you from being haunted by your inner critics and the voices in your head, which make you feel like the biggest loser and most stupid person on earth 


self-confidence in your mind and soul, that you are perfect the way you are and learning every day. You will build a tool belt around your waist, where you can pull out the perfect guard, if self-doubt is creeping up on you!

Yes! I want to get rid of my self-doubts!


You learn so much about yourself, when you work through all these issues. You also learn alot about the other person, who at the moment you feel like HE - SHE - THEY are the problem!!

After this trailmap you feel safe within yourself. You know what to focus on and what to let go. You take full responsibility for yourself and you not only know, but you feel it in your bones: The only person I can control is ME. Your relationships will flourish and grow in depth and height. You also will know which relationship is worth fighting for and which one you just want to let go of. 

I'm ready to clear old backage


Stressing about circumstances you can’t control, bosses, jobs, house- or familiy situations and the stress of the every day life on top of everything… it’s just too much and it’s NOT healthy. 

I help you to find out, what your priorities are, what to ditch, what to let go of, what to not focus on anymore and instead where to invest your energy. You’ll learn mindset hacks how to gain energy instantly and how to feel safe, guided and supported where ever you go.

That sounds so good, please take me there

If you are hanging around in your cottage and while you journal, all of a sudden self-doubt attacks you like a flying squad and doesn’t loosen it’s grip. You just get up, pack your backpack and head to the mountains again. You spend some time within the wisdom of these rocks and trees, maybe the bear says hello or this time it’s a deer? You work through this issue and as soon as your feeling great again, you are back at the sun deck overlooking the hills.

"But I can’t hang around alone in a peaceful cottage forever right? Life is supposed to have action and thrill and fun in it, right??"

See, if you are feeling that the cottage and the tree of wisdom did their job, it’s exactly the time to leave. Your energy for adventures is back and you better celebrate this achievement! You did loads of work within the mountains and on these hills. 

You have achieved all this:

  • YOU found your peace
  • YOU created that inner knowing that you can trust yourself and your inner voice (this is gold!)
  • YOU forgave the difficult people in your past 
  • YOU designed your big vision for your glorious future
  • YOU know what you want in every area of YOUR life

Noooow it’s action time!

Do you see that little boat tied to the shore, down at the river? It’s yours and you know how to use it. You sit in it and take the oars and just for fun, you row upstream. You paddle really hard to get somewhere… but it sucks, right? So now you do the smart thing and let the water take you downstream. This river has a gentle but steady flow and now whitewater at all. You can just enjoy the ride and stear from time to time.

Do you hear it or smell it or even see it already?


The Playground ofJoy!


It’s your personal amusement park with your favorite food, a rainbow colored ferris wheel, roller coasters (only if you like them…). It’s not noisy or crowded, it’s perfectly created tailored to YOU!

Imagine the gate. It’s decorated beautifully and totally in your style. You love even the entrance so much, you cant wait to explore the inside of the park.

That’s the attitude I want you to be in! Here is the place where you take action and implement things in your outside world.

That sounds marvelous! I want to go there!

That garage, which is filled with trash up to the ceiling? Now you have the energy to make it a fun event AND make some money with the things you sell. It’s not only the garage, your whole living space gets a revamp so you are in awe of how pretty and cozy and wonderful your place looks like. You could actually sell it now for so much more than before this action… or you CHOOSE to stay with the biggest smile ever!

Your body gets all the attention it needs and wants. You already connected with the temple you live in, back there in the cottage but now it’s game time! Getting your habits straight, so that you feel as strong and healthy as YOU want, while you ditch any expectation from anybody around you. YOU tha boss!

Your Joy-Mindset is growing every day spending time at this magical playground. You are aware of the power of your thoughts and how you want to focus them. You build joyful habits for strengthening your thinking and deeply believing the truth: 

  • I am worthy.
  • I am perfect the way I am right now.
  • I’m at the right place at the right time. 
  • I am learning. 
  • I am growing. 
  • I am enjoying my life right now, while I step by step get closer to the life of my dreams. 

Yes! This is you! This is what the Joy Academy offers you!

And you don't have to go through it alone.

The facebook group of the Joy Academy is where you connect with the wonderful people who are on the same journey like you. They understand when you speak about bears in the wood and the tree of wisdom and what your body told you in that meditation. 

They don’t think your nuts and crazy at the same time. They experienced the same things that you did and you can ask for advice and pose questions and just tell about your struggles and WINS in the group. You are taken care of in there and you are safe!

I feel called to serve women of all walks of life. This community is inclusive and I give you my word, that you are safe, if you are a queer woman or trans person. You are also safe, if you are a man, who would love to explore all the things mentioned above. 

Join now and start the transformation of your life!

Here's what you're going to get

I've taken you all the way through the mountains and on the river to the playground of joy. Now let's get to the details!

The 12 Masterclasses are 1-2 hours long and structured, so that you can start implementing right away. 30-Day-Challenges, Meditations, Worksheets, Tools and much more help you further implement what you've learned.

These 12 topics are covered:

Clarity is key

As soon as your vision is anchored in your head and heart, you win! Your best future self is your kindest cheerleader!

What you love can stay

If you are annoyed by the (small or) big mess at home, let's tackle this NOW, together it's possible! The relief is incredible.

Writing is magic

Limiting beliefs get dismantled, dreams become reality, affirmations bring strengths and self-worth. And it's FUN!

You are a VIP

Taking care of you is top priority. Everybody else comes after you. Egoistic? Not at all. You can serve better that way around!

Treat yourself

Treat the temple you live in with care and love. I am convinced that your body knows best what is good for you.

Move your vehicle

Take care of your body, it's the only one you've got. Find out what you and your body need and what brings the most fun! : )

Magical mornings

Creating your personal morning magic is a wonderful thing and will have a very positive influence on your life!

Get rid of old stories

Dissolve everything so that you can be yourself, free and independent and no longer have to carry the old baggage around in your backpack.

Let's be clear

Let's talk about money, because YOU decide how you deal with money and what your attitude is towards money.

Habits are key

Ditch anchors which are not good for you and set new anchors which help you to become your best self and support you every day.

Set the course

Everything that we talk about in the Joy Academy is work on your mindset. Find out how powerful YOU and your mind are.

Vital important

Your breath is essential for survival, everything in your body is happy if you take in more oxygen and breathe deep and conscious. 

I'm ready to start living my dream life!

That is not all!

  • Every month there will be live coaching calls with varying topics
  • There will be hot seat calls where you have the opportunity to tackle on your problem
  • You can wish for customized meditations
  • You'll finish and start each month with the Monthly Planning Call
  • The Joy Academy is dynamic and growing and as long as you're in there you get all the goodness!

Aaaand, there is a bonus!

 Every 3 months you, me and other members of the Joy Academy get together for a online planning session. 2 hours of reflecting and planning, so that you get the most out of your time and work towards your goals with fun, joy and ease!

All you have to do is to choose the yearly payment plan and you're good to go!

I'd love to have that!

Join the next live coaching call:

Every month, anyone who wants to will meet live on Zoom for two hours. Whether I present a new tool and you can try it out right away - whether we go deeper into a topic of the Joy Academy - whether we organise a Hot Seat Sunday where you report that YOUR button is being worked on by everyone and you get to know wonderful insights and views that you wouldn't have thought of yourself... these Joy Calls are inspiring, refuelling, invigorating, interesting and heart-warmingly beautiful. I am very much looking forward to it!

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" The Joy Academy is a place to refuel with the good feelings, a haven of abundance! Thank you Ronja for your gift of encouraging others in their independence, authenticity and own power."


"The Joy Academy has made me dream and by dealing with myself and my feelings in the last six months, I am already getting closer to my dreams every day. I am much more aware of my goals in life, which directs the focus to the present, away from the past."


"The Joy Academy was the best thing I could do for ME and I have personally benefited so much. This year changed my life in a positive way and will go down in history as one of the best years for me, despite Corona!"


"I think reflecting, cleaning out inside and outside, working on dreams and visions are all things that always deserve attention. I'm super excited to be on the road for another year, continuing to work on myself and enjoy this journey."


"I have already integrated many things into my everyday life. I experience and design it more consciously and bring more joy into it. I have set myself goals that I would otherwise only have dreamed of, such as climbing the Matterhorn and I will soon run a mountain marathon. : ) I am looking forward to next year with Ronja and the Joy Academy."

Don't hesitate, sign up & try it out

The Joy Academy works like this:

-> After signing up you receive an email with the login that gives you access to the Membershipsite

-> The Membershipsite contains 12 sections plus Bonus with 12 Masterclasses that are 1-2 hours long

-> There is one Masterclass for each month of the year, but you can choose your own pace and time

-> Most Masterclasses come with a 30 day mail challenge, meditations and worksheets

-> All you need is a little bit of time, a journal and a pen

I'm ready!

I started my self development journey

at the open graves of my friends. I decided that every day is precious and I went on a 25year long journey to test every tool I found to create an even better life with more energy and FUN and lightness and trust and JOY. Now I teach you the best of the BEST in the Joy Academy and I'm daily inspired by the wonderful members, who I'm honoured to call my clients. Join us and inspire us with your uniqueness. You are important and I see you!

Now is your time!

Don't wait until someday, to get things DONE! Your life is now! It's very important to me that I offer you things, that you can implement no matter how stressful your day is, you'll be amazed how little things can have a huge impact, so don't hesitate and choose YOU today!

Yes, I am ready!

Have you got questions?

What you need for achieving all this is a little time per month and your decision to create joy in your life!


"Thanks to the Joy Academy I learn to know myself a little better every day, to trust myself more and to create my everyday life the way it suits me! Ronja's favorite phrase "It is your life and it has to be right for you" has become firmly anchored in my head and thanks to these words I have already adjusted some things in my life so that they suit me better. The live meditations in the morning and the monthly calls are great too, you can be there, but you don't have to, because you can watch everything afterwards.

In the Masterclasses you look at different topics, Ronja gives tips and there are meditations too. I especially like the challenges. For each topic, you get 30 days of emails with inputs and ideas that you can/should implement on that day and if you like them, you can integrate them into your daily routine.

I think it's great that you can work on the topics at your own pace in the Joy Academy and that you are also supported by inputs in the Facebook group. This is also where you can exchange ideas and experiences with other subscribers and motivate each other to keep working on the challenges.

In the Joy Academy you spend time with yourself and it is definitely worth it! Spending time with yourself and creating your life in a way that makes you happy is so important!

Thank you Ronja for all the good ideas and inputs, for sharing your experiences and for your cheerful, motivating way. Every Masterclass, meditation and monthly call is fun with you!"

chf 99 per month*

*Split payment, 12x CHF 99

  • 12 online Masterclasses with Ronja that you can watch at any time
  • Private group for exchange with other participants
  • Monthly calls to say goodbye to the past month and welcome the new one
  • Monthly live group coaching with different topics
  • Hot Seat Calls for individual topics
  • Guided meditations to tap into your inner wisdo
  • Challenges for accountability
  • My top tools and techniques that will change your life
  • The three themes of walking from the mountains to the playground of joy are brand new and will be available at the Joy Academy from February 2022.

chf 1111 per year

You get the 90-day coaching calls as a BONUS

  • 12 online Masterclasses with Ronja that you can watch at any time
  • Private group for exchange with other participants
  • Monthly calls to say goodbye to the past month and welcome the new one
  • Monthly live group coaching with different topics
  • Hot Seat Calls for individual topics
  • Every 3 months a two-hour online planning meeting with me and other participants
  • Guided meditations to tap into your inner wisdo
  • Challenges for accountability
  • My top tools and techniques that will change your life
  • The three themes of walking from the mountains to the playground of joy are brand new and will be available at the Joy Academy from February 2022.

Are you unsure? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

There is a 30 days money back guarantee. All I ask of you to do is:

  • Write down your grand vision in detail
  • Write down 100 things that bring you joy
  • Try the spirit animal meditation and look up your animal on the web
  • Try the cordcutting meditation and tell me if and how it worked.

If you have tried these 4 elements that make up a fraction of the Joy Academy and send them to me (or post them into the secret Facebook group for inspiration to others) and still think that the Joy Academy is no good, then you will get your money back without further questions and we will delete your login for the membership platform.

Try the Joy Academy and see for yourself, where the magic happens : )