Morning Affirmations for Setting My Intentions for the Day

blog Oct 21, 2020

If you’ve never heard about positive affirmations, I cheer you on, that you read this text! Being curious is the first step for learning new and awesome tools, which are free and you don't have to tell anybody that you use them. (If you want to keep it a secret weapon)

Affirmations are nothing special. We are very used to make negative affirmations all the time. How familiar are you with sentences like these, which you say to yourself multiple time throughout a day:
«Oh, I can't achieve this!»
«This won't work out!»
«I have to be careful with this!»
«Never trust a stranger!»
«I was never good at this!»
.... oooh this list could get long, right?

Let's ditch all these statements, which are just NOT helpful on our way into our glorious future. Instead you could rewrite your most common phrase?

«The ones above would change into:
«I can achieve anything I want, just step by step!»
«Everything is working out...

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22 Facts about me - tell me yours ❤

blog Oct 16, 2020

Years ago there was a trend in the blog-world (back then Instagram didn’t exist yet) about a «20 facts about me» challenge. I still have a blogpost on this, where I sometimes go and fact-check my facts. I remember that I wrote: I would love to be a vegetarian, but I think I can't manage this change in this lifetime. Then I changed it to I'm a lazy vegetarian, because I love fish and I'm nearly half Japanese, so fish is mandatory. Now I changed my diet to 98% plant based... if I only knew, when I wrote this article for the first time, that I'll be vegan in THIS lifetime... : ) I don't know if I would have believed it.

We are changing living beings and I LOOOOVE THAT FACT! Every day I can decide who I want to be, how I want to interact with the people I meet - family - friends - strangers, how I want to feel and what I eat, what I think... I can CHOOSE! I love nothing more than this freedom.

That would be a fact too: I love my freedom so much. I always ask my...

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What brings you JOY?

blog Oct 09, 2020

This is my favorite exercise: Write down 100 things.

When I hand over this homework, I always imagine the shocked faces of my «JOY-students»: Whaaat 100 things? Are you crazy???

I was teaching food technology for 12 years at a professional school, where my students studied for 3 years while they were working in food factories which produce chocolate, pasta, ice cream, cookies, beer, sweets, powdery goods etc. The easiest homework was always the one I 100% and totally and absolutely believed in. Even though they moaned and complained, I knew, this is the perfect exercise or the perfect task to work through to understand the meaning of a problem or discover new things.

With the 100 things which bring you joy exercise it's exactly the same. I know that this simple exercise can change so much for you. I just force you very gently and kindly and persistently (like the annoying but very nice teacher you hated and loved at the same time... : ))

Just start. 10 things are easy,...

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How tapping can help you

blog Oct 02, 2020

Tapping is my superpower tool!

Have you ever heard about tapping? EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique?
It looks and sounds so weird, you tap on different points on your face and body while you talk out loud, what stresses you out and what you want to change... eeehm, you are freaked out already? Don't be!!

Just watch this video, I'll explain you the whole system and WHY you should try it and then, you lucky soul who speaks English, you check in at Youtube and search for Brad Yates. He is the kindest most generous soul and has more than 1000videos on about every topic of our fears and challenges, our bodily conditions and limiting beliefs. That's all you need to know: Watch the video and go and visit Brad Yates! Try EFT for at least one or two months, ok? After that, as always, you can ditch it forever OR you are fully and absolutely in love with Brad and EFT, as I am.

If you want to learn how to write your own tapping scripts or if you want me to tailor your scripts, join the Joy...

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Create your Morning Magic

blog Sep 26, 2020

When I was studying at the technical university, I lived with 3 guys in a shared apartement. Our alarms went off daily at 7:30am, we thought it is the middle of the night and that it's TOTALLY NOT POSSIBLE TO GET UP. «Are you getting up?» somebody yelled… nope...nope...nope… we regularly skipped that first lesson starting at 8.15am. I wasn't a morning person AT ALL!

My first temporary job I found after graduating was a 90min train ride away from Zurich and I had to get up at SHOCKING 5:45am. : ) This number 5 on my alarm drove me nuts. I really found it absolutely inhumane to have to get up that early. I even stole the scooter of my father back, which we gifted him for his 60th birthday and he never used, so that I could dash through Zurich main station like a maniac to catch that train to Lucerne in the last second.

One morning I was in the tram approaching the station and the clock was ticking, 90seconds to go until my train leaves. I was talking out...

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The Regrets of The Dying

blog Sep 17, 2020

I was 17 when I was standing at the open grave on an ice cold December day. My tears streaming down felt warm on my cheeks. I saw my friend whispering «I love you» and dropping a rose on the coffin. It hit me so hard again and again: This game of life is not forever. It can end in a second. Patrick was killed by an avalanche in the Swiss mountains. Four people of a group of ten died. Six families were celebrating life, four families and friends experienced the brutal fact that this life-game is not forever. You have no guarantee for any day or year… any moment could be your last. It’s hard to learn that at seventeen years old, but I guess it doesn't depend on age. The first time you are totally aware of this fact… it's a punch in your face.

Eleven years followed with too many funerals of friends my age. A motorbike-accident, another avalanche, a suicide - and then the best friend of my sister died, at the age of twenty-five, because of a sudden heart...

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Random Act of Kindness

blog Sep 11, 2020

I love giving freely without expectations. I love surprises! I love to surprise people. And I love it even more, when I don't see the surprise-moment. I just imagine it in my head and hope, that exactly the right person found my present, my message, my surprise.

Do you do random acts of kindness often? If so, please tell me all your ideas in the comments! A library of ideas what we can do to bring joy and a happy smile into this world, that's the best, right?

If you've never heard about that «concept», it's super simple: You prepare a little gift, a message, something positive to surprise a stranger (you can do this in your office or in your own house too, of course, but for me it's even more fun if it is a stranger) to brighten up his or her or their day. That's not difficult to grasp, right? So, let's dive into all the possibilities right now.

I'm a big fan of EASY random acts of kindness. Go through all your books and sort out the ones you'll never read again. Write...

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Gain Energy by Meditating

blog Sep 03, 2020

Do you find meditation boring? Or did you never ever tried it and don't think that this is gonna happen anytime soon? Watch the video and challenge me. I bet I can convince you to at least try the golden bubble meditation - for free - without risk - you don't have to tell anybody that you DID THAT... : )

The cool thing about guided meditation is, that even though everybody is listening to the same "storyline", you can see and experience (totally) different things.

I was working as a primary school teacher for one year (I gave in my notice soon after I started, because these little devils were NOT my jam... instead I was thriving with my teenager students at the professional school ; )). It was 4 hours per week, a math & science learning workshop for the highly gifted kids. I was desperately researching for a way to always start into our time together in a creative way until I asked my genius friend, who is the children’s whisperer of any age. She suggested to kick the...

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Self Care Starts Here

blog Aug 28, 2020

Negative self-talk and positive self-talk... both have such a gigantic effect on our confidence and performance!

Soon after I was born, a little red spot appeared on my right cheek and started to grow. It got bigger and bigger and was flashy red within a short period of time.

Every single person who saw me commented: «Oh noo, what happened to this baby?» or «Oh my gosh, what is THAT?» The doctors already told my mom: «We have to cut this out!»

Then an elderly midwife saw me and immediately said: «That’s a nice hemangioma there! NO worries, this will grow for one year and then fade away on itself over time. You don’t have to do anything!»

That was the kind of information my mother wanted to hear. She wasn’t concerned since the beginning, but now she was completely calm.

She stayed cool with every comment and didn’t care at all, that she had «an ugly» child.

I am so freaking grateful that she didn’t...

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Looking out for the good things in life

blog Aug 20, 2020

Are you a worst scenario - imagining person or a focusing on the positive kind of person?

I talked with Heather Robinson in this week’s podcast episode about how she always thought of the worst possible thing to happen, so that she wouldn't be disappointed too much. Over the years and with learning about the Law of Attraction she slowly changed that to expecting the BEST and focusing on what's good in her life.

I came into the «let's expect the best» even in the bad stuff- game quite early on. My father always told us to figure things out my sister and I wanted to do. When I wanted to go to Japan for my internship in 2001 for my food engineering-studies, he told me the same thing. Let's write some emails to all our Japanese contacts first. I had some chances to do research on algae or maybe in a baking goods company. But then the email of Nakajima sensei arrived with the question: What kind of products do you like? Wohooo I get to choose? Well I'd love to learn...

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