Hey wonderful Lady

It's so nice to sit at this table, looking into the mountains and talk about your life and your dreams. That's what I'm here for you! I want you to feel as the VIP (the VERY important person) you are. You deserve to take your time to think about what it is, that YOU want. What YOU desire. Yes, you have obligations at work and at home. Yes, you have little or big people to take care of, but the most important person is YOU.

Please, don't dismiss your needs, stop overhearing your bodys messages and most and for all, be KIND to yourself. Are you mean to you every time you see yourself in a mirror? Are you your biggest critic? Do you constantly or so often doubt that you are enough? 

I am here to tell you: YOU are enough. You are so much more than enough. You are incredible wonderful, a one of a kind magical human being who has so much to give to this world. Your talents, the things you are good at, the things you love to do and create? That's not by accident! You are worthy and most of all: You are worthy of your own respect and your own love. I know, maybe you think that selflove is a totally overused word without deep meaning. But it's not! It's the key to your happiness. 

But isn't this egoistic to just think of myself first?

I am a selfless person and I like to do everything for my family and my coworkers and my community and my neighborhood and... 

I totally get that!! BUT...imagine you taking care of yourself first. Imagine you create joy and energy for yourself on a daily basis by nourishing thoughts and a mindset of clarity, lightness and good feelings.

With that kind of setting, you can serve others without burning out. You can smile from the inside out, because your heart is full of the excitements your everyday life brings. You create your days the way which suits YOU best. You say no, when you mean no and you say yes when you mean yes.

You take care of yourself - mind and body. You set boundaries where you are very clear how things DON'T go and how you want them to go. You are freer and feel light in your decisions... 

How does that sound? Too good to be true?

I can guarantee that all this and even more is possible for your life. You just need to make yourself a priority, set aside some time, where you can think and journal and meditate and find out, what you want and how you want this life of yours to look and feel like. 


The straightforward fastest way to get to these airy-breezy state of mind is by joining myJoy Academy.

You'll meet other women (men are welcome too!) who are on their journey to create their own personal dream life. First you create your big fat vision for your life.

How do you want to live in 10 or 20 years? How old do you want to become?

Meet your best future self and have a great chat over these topics. Work through the wheel of life and analyse, where you stand and where you want to go in every area of your life. After that, you decide which topic of your life is the least pleasing and you go all in to set your compass to JOY in this area.

Or you first want to choose a topic which is the easiest to achieve your vision: Go all in there.

Within 12 Masterclasses I cover all my favourite topics from forgiveness (let go of the old stories, which hold you back) to decluttering (let go of all the stuff which doesn't serve you) to food bliss (trust your body and have a chat with her too!)... there are so many wonderful topics we dive into together.

You and me. I talk only to YOU in these videos and while we're sitting together, you already start with the various and fun and cool and interesting exercises and tools.

My goal is, that after spending 60-90min with me, you are fully equipped to work through that area of your life.

The Joy Community is cheering you on, whether you post little or gigantic wins!

At every beginning of the month you’ll get access to the Monthly Magic Call, where we say goodbye to the last month and hello to the upcoming month. This is a ritual which will enrich your life in big ways. You appreciate the good things that happened last month, you clear out what stressed you and then you plan the next month. No, not with to do lists and dates, but with the things you want to do for yourself like: Next month I buy myself flowers every single week! Or one lady told the group that she wants to set the challenge of "NO complaining" during the next 31 days. Others joined her and it was so great to read the discussions: Uuuhg are you all still on board. This is harder than I thought... : ) You get the point, right?

Yes, I am ready!

All you need for achieving all this is a little time per month and your decision to create Joy in your life!

One Year Joy Academy

$ 3333

12 Month Membership

  • 13 online Masterclasses with Ronja that you can watch at any time
  • Private group for exchange with other participants
  • Monthly videos to honor the past month and welcome the new month in the best way possible
  • Monthly live group coaching with different topics
  • Hot Seat Calls for individual topics
  • Every 3 months a two-hour online planning meeting with me and other participants
  • Guided meditations to tap into your inner wisdom
  • Challenges for accountability
  • My top tools and techniques that will change your life

Choose a Payment Plan:

3x $ 1111
6x $ 555.55
12x $ 333

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