Hey, I'm Ronja

and I'd like to change the world together with you. Are you in?


Hey! Ich bin Ronja

und ich möchte mit dir zusammen die Welt verändern. Bist du dabei?


Create Joy with the Joy Cards

"Random Act of Kindness" - that's exactly what I invented the Joy Cards for. You can put them on a bench, stick them on a vending machine or put them in a good book you leave with a greeting on the train and surprise and delight someone. Let's spread magic and joy in the world with the Joy Cards. : )

Download the Joy Cards here

PS: For gifts from ME to YOU, please scroll down.

Do you want to bring even more joy into your life?

Seven Golden Days

I take you on a journey to more mindfulness, more awareness, more intuition and more joy.

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Do you miss the 21-Day Joy Challenge? The "Seven Golden Days" have replaced it and are even more beautiful, more harmonious, more profound. Take your time for this week and you give yourself energy and clarity, it's worth it, I promise! <3