Seven Golden Days

I am very happy that you are dancing with me on the mountain top! I am Ronja and I have created these seven golden days for you to recharge your batteries, gain clarity & be aware of your strengths with a smile.

This golden week is my gift to YOU!  If you have more energy and joy in your life, it has a wonderful effect on the whole big world! Are you in?

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What are these "Seven Golden Days"?

I take you on a journey to more mindfulness, more awareness, more intuition and more joy.

Each day includes a meditation to recharge your energy & gain wonderful insights to the day's task and a journaling exercise. Journaling and time for yourself feel soo good!

These questions are at the heart of it:

  • Where am I standing now?
  • Who am I?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What brings me joy?
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How does it work?

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I offer you a treasure chest full of techniques, exercises and meditations. You choose what you want to incorporate into your life for the long term.

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Create Joy for YOU

Consciously create joy for YOU, in your personal everyday life and for your environment.

YOUR inner voice

Connect with your gut and intuition. You have all the answers within YOU.

Fill up with gold energy every day

Give yourself time to refuel with energy & (self) confidence & courage with the Golden Bubble Meditation.

Who is this golden week for?

During these seven golden days, you'll have the opportunity to try out some of the countless magical tools & techniques I've collected over the past 20 years.

If you:


  • don't know what you want
  • feel a bit "so-so"
  • want to have more joy in your everyday life
  • want to listen more to your gut feeling
  • are curious and want to try new meditations, tools & exercises

This week is just right for you.

You can expect concrete "tasks" that will give you more clarity and great exercises that will fill your everyday life and your environment with joy. : )


I'm in, let's go!

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My path to joy

Life is not ice cream, I learned that in my school days, where I was bounced back and forth between the cool kids and the outcasts like a pinball. I didn't belong anywhere. I felt 100% insecure. I want to phone back in time and shout to the little girl: YOU are the key, not others. You can only change YOURSELF and no one else.  

I was 17 when I first realized: this life can be over at any time! After way too many funerals of friends of the same age, my sister's best friend died of a heart attack. That was the moment when I was DONE with rules that I do not want, expectations that are not mine, compromises that do not serve me!

I live my life the way I want! Taking good care of myself is priority #1. If I have energy & joy, I can give so much more to my loved ones AND the unknown people I meet every day!

Give yourself time this week for YOU and your thoughts and figure out what is important to YOU, what is good for YOU, what YOU need to be happy! This is not selfish, but wonderful. I look forward to getting to know you!


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