November 25 - 29

Let's collect rays of sunlight









Are you upset about the dark season or is November just sucking all your energy out?

Do you know the children's book “Frederick”? The mice prepare for winter and bring the staples into the nest. Only Frederick is not working. He’s collecting sunrays for the dark, cold winterdays. He’s in deep thinking mode and takes his time for this, eventhough the other mice don’t understand him.

I want to invite you to also dive into thinking mode!  To wake the sunrays of your 2021 and collect the most beautiful moments that you've experienced.

In a cozy living room that I've already prepared on Facebook, you can lay down on a nice sofa with a cup of tea and reflect.

In the 5-day-challenge we will collect the sunrays of your 2021 but also

  • empower your network,
  • redefine your life values in a creative way AND superimportant:
  • learn from the experiences you would rather want to forget about right now and then we get rid of them

You gift yourself TIME with YOU!

We start on November 25 and finish on November 29. Sign up right now!

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What's in the 5 day challenge?


Taking time to think & write about what happened brings you awareness about all the good things. By looking back you create the soil for your future!


Guided meditations are the key to unlock your inner wisdom. It's like a fairytale and you are the main act in it! Have you tried this yet? It's magic. 


Connection with your self AND with others, who are also on this journey. It feel great to talk about the exercises with like minded people. You are 


Doing groundbreaking self development don't has to be hard & serious. Just sign up and do the things which are appealing to you. You decide! 

The year always passes so quickly…

…  and “it gets worse and worse the older I get” ….are these your thoughts?

The new 5-day-challenge, where you can freely decide, where you want to invest how much time and what you desire to dive into, takes you into the little details of your 2021.

The beautiful little moments you experienced, they sum up and beam and shine, when they get collected by YOU.

All of a sudden, they make up the whole world and fill your heart with loads of sunrays.

Frederick unpacks his memories, when all the staples are eaten up, when it’s cold and dark in the hideout and the mood is low. He gifts his family sunrays and colors and beautiful words. Hope, motivation and enthusiasm come back.

You are your own Frederica! Collect your sunrays and bring energy, momentum and the big vision back into your every day life.

If you now think, but Ronja,

at that weekend I’m so busy and in the days before and after, I am working, WHEN exactly should I reflect and collect sunrays?

Exactly that is the magic of this kind of inner work which happens in this challenge.

Anchors and habits, which you incorporate in your everyday life, have a positive impact on your well being, while you are busy and do the million things you need to.

Just sign up and do the activities which are the most appealing to you. You can watch the video with the daily task while you are cooking spaghetti or taking a walk. My goal is, that I light a spark in you, so that you WANT to take ten or twenty minutes to reflect… to meditate…to journal…and interact with the other challenge participants.

It’s so soothing to realize, that you are not alone with your doubts, the stressful thoughts and with your dreams!

There are such wonderful and fascinating people on this planet, who like you, are on their path to create a life with serenity and joy.

I’m looking forward to meeting you, to cheer you on and to lead you to your personal, inner treasury.

Lots of LOVE to you,


Let's do this!

Join the challenge right now.

*You will also be signed up for my JOY newsletter full of joy, inspiration, awesome tools and much more, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.