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Morning Affirmations for Setting My Intentions for the Day

Oct 21, 2020

If you’ve never heard about positive affirmations, I cheer you on, that you read this text! Being curious is the first step for learning new and awesome tools, which are free and you don't have to tell anybody that you use them. (If you want to keep it a secret weapon)

Affirmations are nothing special. We are very used to make negative affirmations all the time. How familiar are you with sentences like these, which you say to yourself multiple time throughout a day:
«Oh, I can't achieve this!»
«This won't work out!»
«I have to be careful with this!»
«Never trust a stranger!»
«I was never good at this!»
.... oooh this list could get long, right?

Let's ditch all these statements, which are just NOT helpful on our way into our glorious future. Instead you could rewrite your most common phrase?

«The ones above would change into:
«I can achieve anything I want, just step by step!»
«Everything is working out for me!»
«I'm thoughtful and fully present, everything will work out fine for sure»
«I trust my gut feeling and that I meet good helpful people along my way»
«I am learning and improving my skills»
.... cheesy? Wonderful? Too much?

Repeating positive statements during your day. That's it. Infusing your thoughts with a positive affirmation is especially effective in the morning. You set your intention for your day. Maybe even in front of a mirror telling yourself in your lovely face: «You've got this, I love you».

That's not what you want to say? Pick one affirmation you like best and start with this sentence. Every morning you say this out loud. Or whisper it «into your ear». Write it on your bathroom-mirror. Write it on a post-it note and put it on your computer, in your purse, in your car...

Here you go:

  • Step by step I reach my goals.
  • I am on my way to fulfill my dreams.
  • Today is a good day, I create myself a good day.
  • I give my best in every situation.
  • I have time
  • Today I attract wonderful people and situations
  • I am enough
  • I am perfect the way I am right now
  • I am creating my dreamlife step by step
  • Today I do my best
  • I am focused
  • I choose to create joy today - for me and the people I meet

This is just a start and you can find your affirmation for your day on pinterest, google or on a tea bag-tag. The most important thing is, that you like your affirmation very much and that you read it in the morning like you are cheerleading for your favorite sports team.

Instead this cheerleading is for YOU personal and YOU are your biggest fan.
If not yet, say it quietly but kindly.

I am growing day by day. I can do this. I choose to enjoy this day.

A little kind pep talk. Ok?
That's all you have to know.
Of course, you can read a ton of books on the scientific research on positive psychology and the huge impact this «little exercise» can have on your overall well-being. But you can choose to just implement, try and tweak until you really figured out your personal affirmation game! Choose one you really like to start and just try to say it out loud, say it in your mind, stick it to your mirror. Or choose several and place them everywhere. Treat this like a game and not like SERIOUS work, so that you approach it with a light GO. Ok? If you have any questions, ask in the comments or in the free Joy-Facebookgroup.

If you want to look up a pile of affirmations, I collected for you on Pinterest, here you go:

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