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May 15, 2024

I promised you that I would report back to you on how the Personal Story Power event was… well… I will tell you… It was mind blowing and life-changing. All these overused words apply completely for this event. Three magical days filled with action, deep emotions, transformation, growth and such great, GREAT connections.

On the road with Madalena is always wonderful. We just are really great travel buddies. The train ride from Santa Barbara to San Diego is a treat! Sometimes you feel like you're on a boat because the train tracks are nearly on the ocean : ). These houses where the train seems to ride through their backyards are gorgeous… and the honking horn of the Amtrak is quite loud!

We arrived in La Jolla in the afternoon and had Sushi at Neko-san (neko = cat, san = mister/miss). It was sooo good and the best part was the fun we had with 3 young gentlemen sitting at the table next to us. They started a conversation over putting on the heater as it was a rather chilly evening. When one of them, Kevin, asked for “cheaters” to help him with the chopsticks I couldn't resist and offered my “I taught over 1000 people how to use chopsticks properly” skills even though he insisted that he’s a hopeless case : ). I must confess that at one point I was doubting if he’ll get it right ; ) but I insisted, he persevered and succeeded! His besties (they were friends since elementary school) were so happy for him: Now you gave him a skill he’ll never forget and he’ll always think of you : )! I like that!! Madalena and Kevin had so many laughs about stand up comedy-joke-ideas and we loved to hear their childhood-stories. What a GREAT start to our time in La Jolla.

“Only players from this point on!” You know that sign from the last blog. We were sooo excited and said hello to many familiar faces - old friends (who signed up for Bo Eason’s  mastermind, and for 5 years have come back to these events often twice a year) and of course a lot of great, great people who came for the first time. I just loooove to attend events like this where you simply know: Bo Eason and his team attract the BEST humans so these are all my new besties.

Madalena and I are again, best “event-attending buddies”. We know how to enjoy it together (sitting next to each other in the front row : )) AND individually. We are not glued together, we are free to explore and connect and meet different people. Of course we then introduced our growing “gang” : ) : ) : ) to each other and soon we had a let’s go to lunch together “team” and got to know each other quickly over great Californian food.

Besides the world-class training with Bo and Jean-Louis who both work with Hollywood stars and celebrities to train them in the same things which we get to learn from them - lucky us, these connections which likely will stay forever, make me soooo happy!

The days are long and intense. We write our personal story (we have to choose ONE!) several times in different variations and over and over again we have to tell it to somebody in the room. The theater is as beautiful as it was 5 years ago when it was brand new. Can you imagine how cool it is to have “classroom activities” somewhere in the space where normally a dressed up audience is listening to classical music? We worked on our voice and expression and over and over again there are little groups on stage who perform their story in ONE true sentence. That’s long enough to have a BIG impact on the audience AND for Bo to coach us to make our performance better, more impactful… it was so magical. This man is ALL IN. Fully immersed in his craft and mission: His mission is to make you the BEST in what you want to do.

People who are “the BEST” in what they do are generous with their knowledge, they are leaders even though they don’t exactly love the spotlight. They are confident. They are NOT jealous and don’t have the need to hold back with information or help. As I said: Generosity in giving what matters to you the most.

This moves me in big ways. I want to be this for YOU, for the world. I want to be the BEST in inspiring you to become your most authentic, joyful self. To live your life to the fullest! To know in your heart that you are amazing, unique and a gift to this world. I want to be the BEST in empowering you to use JOY as your COMPASS instead of fear or expectations from your family and society. When you create and follow your joy, EVERYBODY benefits from this shift you make for yourself. I want to be the BEST in encouraging you to believe: You are worthy, you are enough the way you are right now AND, you can grow and change every day until the day you die.

In the end Bo Eason pitches his amazing mastermind program. I so wanted to join but I’m currently in another mastermind and I want to focus on that work first. Finish strong and not mix things. We made a pact, 6 of us to attend again next year and then sign up for the mastermind. It’s a big investment and I am ready to have that sum “in my wallet” when I return to La Jolla next year. Let’s freaking go: LFG (insert the f-word to make it more powerful : )) 

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