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Do you know the band “August Moon”?

May 29, 2024

Maybe you saw my excitement on instagram when I shared about the movie “The Idea of you” by the book with the same title, written by Robinne Lee. If you like sexy scenes, great characters, great entertainment and big feelings, I recommend listening to this book! Robinne narrates it so beautifully and engaging, it’s a piece of art.

When I watched the movie for the first time together with Madalena, on May 2nd, the day it came out, I was laying in my hotel bed and always waiting for the next scene of the BOOK to appear… I was a bit disappointed how many scenes didn’t make it to the movie. I get it, the book is 12 hours long, the movie 90 min. Nevertheless, the first round of the movie was not my favorite.

Of course I watched it two more times because Nicholas Galitzine is my superstar (I might share my love for him with 57930 million others…but that’s ok : )) and I watched every movie he’s in. When I heard that HE will play Hayes Campbell in the idea of you, I was thrilled. Anne Hathaway as Solène is absolutely brilliant too.

So now I listen to the book with those two characters in mind and have a 12 hour movie “in my head” AND with a soundtrack of the boy band which Hayes is the lead singer of. They recorded 7 songs and Nicholas is a jack of all trades and has great singing skills, performs them so beautifully (you can tell that I’m a fan, right? : )). Check them out on spotify HERE. This song is the cheesiest of all : ) there are upbeat tracks too.

The fans go crazy over this fictional boy band and demand real concerts. There is swag-material going around and fan-arts etc., the “August moon”-mania is real!

I was never a boy band fan and always made fun of the crying girls especially when “Take That”, the British boy band with Robbie Williams separated. I remember the headline in one of the newspapers: “Gallons of tears were flowing” at a demonstration through the city that they should stay together.

But now, at 46 years old, I have to admit that August Moon has all my support and love : ). I’m glad that there will probably never be a concert (would be too tempting to go) as the other 4 boys are “only” dancers and not singing themselves. We’ll see! : )

So the moral of this email is this: Watch “The idea of you” on prime and THEN listen to the audiobook for the WHOLE story. And if you are not happy with the ending…I wasn’t… go to to instagram and then scroll to the bottom and read from there: THIS is the order you have to take, if you want to become a “moonhead” too: 1. Movie, 2. Audiobook, 3. Fanfiction of Kirstie from the UK. 

Moonheads are August Moon fans. You’ll get to the point, I promise : )

Let me know what you think about….”Everything”... <- that’s a movie-reference : ) I know, I’m a nerd… and that’s ok with me.

I wish you a wonderful Sunday 

Lots of Love from Zurich, Switzerland

PS: I am - every day - fully aware that it’s an absolute luxury to cruise around the world, attend events in America, watch movies in hotel rooms and talk about it… other human beings fear for their life every day and are starving. I know that my pain doesn’t change anything for them. My JOY will hopefully uplift this world and the ripple effect of JOY will help bit by bit. Let’s do what we can every day to make this world a more peaceful, more colorful and joyful place. In any way we can…and it starts within our hearts, in our families and neighborhoods. Kindness is powerful. Calling politicians and demonstrating, donating and talking about the injustice of our world has a big impact too. Let's do ALL the things!! And never forget how privileged we are, if we have a roof over our head, food, freedom, internet and the possibility to create a life full of joy. I’m sending love - again. 



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