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Be the BEST in what you do - Bo Easons claim

May 01, 2024

In October 2018 I finally took the leap and signed up for a live-event with Brendon Burchard. He always sells his online courses with the free ticket to one of his events and I kept postponing the flight (I have been terrified of flying since I was a kid) and traveling alone (I’m not great at traveling…I’m a homebody for let’s say 75% of my soul) was a challenge for me.

My dear friend Madalena (you met her in my last scrap-book-mail) drove up from Santa Barbara for this 4 day event in San Jose. Wow, it was so impressive. 900 people in the room and Brendon Burchard (look him up if you don’t know him) masters the art of “holding the space”. I felt like he was only talking to me. The handout for this event: A BLANK journal… ok…teacher…you keep your students BUSY… I was writing pages over pages of notes of all the brilliant wisdom and strategy for your online business.

Madalena and I are the best team at an event like this. We look out after each other AND we are completely independent. I joined a different break out group, she spent the morning with another group of people… We communicated through glances and brief exchanges all while the feeling of “we belong together” is upleveling the whole event experience. I hope you understand what I mean. THIS is exactly how I love my friendships and also my marriage.

I don’t like to be needed AND I love to feel deeply connected.
I don’t like clinging AND I love being close together from time to time and taking it all in.
I don’t like demands and expectations AND I love surprises and unexpected tokens of love.

THEN…Bo Eason entered the stage. He blew us all away with his hour long speech. He is DRAWING scenes and pictures onto an empty stage - just him solo. I was so captivated. And then he pitched his event in La Jolla: Personal Story Power. 3 days. $2000. Ooooh how I wanted to sign up to learn this way of speaking on stage on my own… but I already decided that I need to invest in another course from Brendon called “the total product blueprint” with loads of email-templates which back then I felt like I needed them as English is not my first language. That was $2000 too AND came with a free year of the course-platform I wanted to use but couldn’t afford.

Brendon came on stage to thank Bo for his performance and then he said the magical words: “You know what… if you sign up for Bo’s event, I give you my course package for free.”

I was literally crying happy tears. HOW generous!! He really wouldn’t have to do this. But he did and I was so grateful! So I…WE…signed up for Bo and I knew that it’s a little crazy to fly to California again in 6 months for another event… but it caaaalled me, so I decided to go.

This is a bit of a looong introduction to being the BEST : ) are you still reading?
Becoming the BEST is Bo Eason’s goal for all of us. It’s a very personal quest to decide what kind of topic you want to become the BEST. Not in comparison with others. Not in a race with other timelines. Just YOURS. It’s about dedication and intentional building of what’s important to you, what matters to you, what excites you.

May 2019. The training - how it was structured and what we learned and how we trained - was so incredibly insanely good. It brought me speaking engagements with my story AND a book-writing course as a gift of one of the OG-members of Bo’s mastermind. So my book “The Joy Compass, written for men and women,” came to fruition because of that event on top of all the other good things I learned. (If you have spotify premium, you can listen to the audio book for free. If you want to buy the book, you can order it here)

5 years later I’m freer than ever before in my life (as my kid is super independent and our baby-wishes are over) I’m all in for my international speaker-future.

I want to inspire the world to create JOY and to live a life full of deep love, meaning and fulfillment. To have fun along the way and master challenges with a strong and flexible, joyful mindset. You’ll see where this decision will bring me because I am on this journey together with you! THANK YOU for being here.

Big hug

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