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What do you want? Really! : )

Nov 06, 2020

Did your parents or other grownups told you non-stop what to do without any chance that you could decide things on your own? In our society we are so used to tell kids to wear a coat, because it's do this or that, because we said so! As grownups we have bosses who tell us what to do and what has to be done by when... maybe we can't change that!? But we can be fully aware of how much we can decide on our own in personal everyday life.

Do you know the wheel of life? I'm a big fan of this tool. All areas of your life are shown on spokes, where you can rate them. Adventure & travel... well we can have adventures in our backyard too, right? Living space & physical environment... how our space looks and feels like is totally in our hands.

The big point with the wheel of life is: Everybody has different preferences and different dreams. What looks like a big adventure for one person is an afternoon activity for another one. I want to inspire YOU to think about YOUR life and what YOU want! Really! : ) I'll convince you to dive into this exercise, ok? Challenge accepted?!

Lots of love and joy

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