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Thank your supporters of 2020 - Handwritten letters, you know!?

Nov 10, 2020

Imagine you open your mailbox and there is a letter looking like a birth announcement or a wedding invitation. But it’s not. It’s a handwritten letter to YOU and someone thanks you for what you did for him or her or them... this person tells you how much she/he/they appreciate you, what made them so happy and what a blessing you are. WOW, right? That feels good!
Ok, now think of the 20 most important people which had a great impact in your life in this wild and crazy year of 2020. This could be your delivery-driver, who is always sooo kind and mindful. Or your kids teacher. Or your grandma. Your spouse, your kid... even an author or a youtuber... whoever comes to your mind, write this person on this list. And then - just START!
It’s not a Christmas card with a preprinted text and some best wishes written by hand. This letter is all handwritten, directly from your heart. You just say thank you for everything your grateful for about this person and what she did for you. You tell, what you appreciate most, what you appreciated about the actions, the support, the coaching, the inspiration you received. Don’t overthink this, just write true to your heart and soul and even without reading it again, put it in this envelope and send it by snail-mail.
No expectations. That’s the deal. You don’t do this, because its a strategy or a trick. It’s just because you are very very thankful and you wouldn’t be the person you are today without the people on your list. Got it? I’ll tell you more in this video. I just LOVE this and I’ll start soon... you too, start today, don’t wait until December madness kicks in. This is the perfect time to send these letters and the world will be a better place because you took the time to write and send these words. Kindness matters. Gratitude is powerful. YOU ROCK!

P.S. As promised in the video, here's a picture of my daughter's birthday, which is also a highlight on my Joyometer. : )

P.P.S. Did you fill out the Joyometer for you? Download it here. Mine looks like this:

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