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What was your promise?

Nov 17, 2020

Did you have sparkle sticks, champagne and a good New Year's party? The countdown for 2020: 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 ...and you promised yourself some New Year's resolutions - 5 - 4 - 3....what were they again?....2...1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2020 HURRAY!

Well, 2020 came along with some surprises and I’m sure you had many plans for this year, which just didn’t work out, because of Covid19. But you might have some promises in the back of your head, which you could easily fulfill, but you just didn’t do it yet, because.... because... you don’t know exactly : ) why!?

I want to inspire you, that you take these promises and write them down (extra points for that) and journal about them! No time for things like this? Just thinking about them is very very nice too!

What was your New Year's resolution: Stop smoking? Go to the gym? Eat healthier? Whatever it was: There is still time to make yourself proud! Don’t let yourself down! The promises you made to yourself matter! Yes, so many !!!! : )

One of my goals was to learn the moonwalk... I didn’t do it yet...but hey, I still have time!! Mika, my little girl, already chose the youtube tutorials and told me, that she’ll teach me. I don’t have tha moves in my blood, but she’s good : ) soooo watch this video and get in the game of fulfilling your promises, ok? (Watching is totally safe, you don’t have to do anything ; )) YOU decide, how you do your life!

P.S. Did you fill out the Joyometer for you? Download it here. Mine looks like this:

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