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How do you breathe?

Nov 24, 2020

How many breaths per minute do you take? Do you breathe through your nose or mouth? Have you ever thought about this or do you just trust your body to do this work? Luckily, we can trust our body, it does that breathing 24/7 for us, how amazing, right? Otherwise we’re dead within several minutes. I find that impressive every time I think about it!

I want to recommend you the book «Breath» written by James Nestor. It’s so incredible interesting, whats happening in our nose and the whole breathing apparatus, depending on HOW we breath!

If you just take away ONE message of this video/blog, take this: BREATH THROUGH YOUR NOSE. ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE! :) :) :) Message No.2 of the book: Breathe in for 5.5 seconds and 5.5 seconds out. This duration guarantees you the perfect balance between CO2 and O2 in your body, so that your cells can intake an optimal amount of O2. More than if you would breath fast and hurried. Too much oxygen in your bloodstream is not an advantage, but a disadvantage. What’s also not good for your body is to much Carbondioxyd which sits around in your lung, because you didn’t exhale completely.

The book is very long, but very interesting and so so so worth the read or listen! But as I told you, the quick message is: Nosebreathing for 5.5seconds in and out. Done. : )

Are you in for that challenge? Let’s be aware to do these long slow breaths through our nose. It doesn’t matter if you sit at your desk or if you take a walk or even a run. I just set reminders into my phone to think of it more often, so that up until I’m annoyed by the reminders and I automatically breath very slow and through my nose, I’m off to practice this habit!

These kind of challenges, which we WANT to do, are set up in the Joy Academy every month. It’s so cool to meet people who are on the same journey to improve their lives in every area. Especially if the people around you are not into personal development as you are! You create accountability with very very nice ladies and gentlemen, who ask back: Are you still on track?

Sign up for the Joy Academy today and start with creating your dream life, day by day, breath by breath! If you sign up and you don’t like it, I have a special money-back-guarantee. You have to do 4 of the 100 of exercises and if you still don’t like what you’ve learned about yourself and your life, you get your money back no further questions asked. YOU create your life, you can decide when you want to be where with whom and how. Maybe not instantly, but step by step with your vision in your mind and heart, you can enjoy the NOW every day! Tell me if you have questions, otherwise you find all the information on my website.

PS: Fill out the Joyometer, another habit, which you could treat yourself weekly. It’s a good feeling to focus on the positive things, the events and people you are grateful for... I swear this is worth your time! Try it!!

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