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Thank you 2020 - Hello 2021

Dec 28, 2020

Create the best year ever for you in 2021!

Write your vision on paper and bring it to reality in the next new and fresh year of 2021!

Do you think: «Haaah, haaah, Ronjaaaa! We all know it better. 2020 was a mess and we had big plans and they got all destroyed by a global pandemic!!!»

Well, we don't plan the circumstances and other people in our vision. Circumstances can change and the humans we love are free to experience 2021 in their own unique way. We can imagine them as ideally as we can wish for and how ideally, we can imagine them to be, though. But...

...the main act of your vision is YOU!

What do you want for YOURSELF, personally? What do you want to experience? Learn from scratch? Create? Invent? Discover? What kind of hobby would you love to restart? Or finally start? Would you like to improve your photography skills? You could book a course online or in real life? Or you could imagine all the wonderful places you'll take pictures: In your backyard or at a famous spot, portraits, little ladybugs or a field by sunset... you decide!

This is obviously only an example, but a really good one. : ) You can take pictures and improve your skills with no dependency of circumstances and other people. My purpose of this blog-podcast-post is, that you think of the things, which bring YOU joy… and then implement instead of just thinking or dreaming of them.

«But Ronja, I want to go to the Maldives for a long vacation, but I have no money and this virus-situation is crap and it's just impossible». Okay, no problem, I've got you. Big dreams are wonderful and if you really, really want this so much, you'll achieve it for sure! (I'm a dreamer AND a manifester, yes I am)

Bring your dream to reality with all the little things: A keyholder, which reminds you of the Maldives. Your screensaver on your mobile and laptop is a picture of the Maldives. You create a Maldives-playlist on Spotify. A big shell on your nightstand reminds you too. You have a vision board with pictures of tropical beaches of the Maldives at your kitchen wall. Maldives-pictures in your purse. You have a Maldives-piggybank where you put in all your change every day. You look up travel books and brochures and have a pinterest board with Maldives only pins. EVERYTHING is Maldives in your surrounding.

The most important part is, that you FEEL that you will be there someday! You just know it. Each and every time you bite in a fresh pineapple piece (can be one out of a can too, I don't care) you imagine yourself sitting at the beach with a drink in your hand and the decoration is made out of pineapple pieces pinned on your turquois glass.

Tell your friends about your Maldives vacation, you may just don't know yet, when you will be there. But every day you «work» on your dream, you imagine it in 3D or 4D like in the cinema. Go to a lake nearby and imagine your feet in the water, that you are there already... you'll have more ideas for sure.

While you feel fantastic and nearly there, the big Universe or God or what force you believe in can organize the coolest twists and tweaks to your destiny. Maybe you win an all-inclusive holiday in a fancy hotel? Maybe someone you know won the holiday and will give it to you for free or for a small fee? The possibilities are endless, you just have to believe that it's possible!

«Ronja, you are talking about the Maldives so excessively, I'm already bored by my dream when I think of all these things around me constantly. The beach-images annoy me only in my imagination already… maybe I just don't want to go to the Maldives anymore?»  That's perfect! If you have a dream and while going all in for it, you discover that this was only in your head and not in your heart... way to go, you can tick off this Maldives-phantom.

You don't have to sigh anymore whenever you see pictures of the island. Before we started our conversation, you were always sad, because you felt that you could never ever afford that. And now the Maldives-dream is gone! Wish it all the best and that it can go to a different person now, and you are free to create a new dream!

Do you get my point? It doesn't have to be the Maldives at all… but any big dream you think is just not possible. I know, I'm annoying, but I really dearly want to know: What do YOU want to experience in 2021? What do you want to create, declutter, discover, visit… we just have uncountable possibilities!

But hey, you are free to take, what you get. To live through the days and weeks with no special program or effort. That's really and totally ok too! Next December will arrive in no time and another year is gone. If you want to do that, do it! You decide!!

I am a big fans of BIG DREAMS. A fan of writing them down and carrying them in my heart, while I enjoy each and every day to the fullest. If you think: «Well there is not much to enjoy!», just change the easiest thing up right now: Buy new curtains or flowers, do a meditation or drink a cup of tea in peace... You can decide so, so much. You create your reality!!!

What do you want? What is your vision for your life and for next year?

Sign up right now for the vision webinar I will run at Sunday, January 10! Two hours just for you and your 2021. First, we say goodbye to 2020 and honor this year, even though you might want to run away as fast as you can. It's important to send gratitude into the past so that you can create a bloooooming 2021 for you! We'll meditate (yes, that's fun) and we'll write and maybe you draw and after two hours you have all your plans and dreams on paper. I'm not preaching and talking for two hours, YOU are working on your goals. Does that sound good? Sign up HERE! It's free and no strings are attached.

Commit to your dreams and your vision for YOUR 2021. Of course, only as far as you WANT. You can decide for YOURSELF, how you want to live your live. That's the best, right?

I wish you wonderful days until New Years Eve and a fantastic start into the fresh and new year 2021. Let's make it the best year ever in your whole life!

PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )

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