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Let’s float into the new year with ease

Jan 01, 2022

Stepping into a new year can feel sooo exciting! All these possibilities and chances, all the people I’ll meet, new friends, spending time with old friends, new skills, new hobbies, new learnings…everything is fresh and new!

Is this too much newness and excitement for you in one paragraph? Are all these possibilities freaking you out? Do you like routine and stability? Do you like to know what’s ahead of you and this new year is always daunting and even a little scary?

I get you! If you feel one or the other way. This new year thing has so much pressure built in. Let’s take it easy. Let’s float on the river of life with ease and pass this line of old year and new year with a smile. You can celebrate a new year at any given day during your tour around the sun. We don’t need to put so much pressure on January first!

Do you know how many hours a whole year has? Don’t calculate it now. Guess! : ) It’s astonishing how this number seems so low, right? THIS is your precious year. THIS is the time you have for using it, how YOU please.

I invite you to think of all the things you LOVE to do…all the people you love to spend time with….all the things you want to learn or experience or change… and then, step by step you put these things into your year and enjoy these joy-bringing activities.

Yes, I know this sounds easier than it is to actually DO the things, which make you feel good. It takes time to think, to plan and to implement. You get all this support within the Joy Academy. To build a year full of wonderful experiences without the pressure of society or your family. YOU decide. You get to clear out all the baggage from your past and gain new energy and time for the things and people you WANT to focus on.

One round around the sun, one year, that’s Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty hours of wonderful possibilities. You create your year the way which suits you best.

Join the Joy Academy to make this year simply wonderful and full of magic. Investing in yourself is the biggest gift you can give yourself. You take your mindset everywhere. Having more joy in your life impacts your work life, your relationships, your success and how you feel every day. I can’t wait working, meditating, journaling and talking with you in our radiant community within the Joy Academy. Join here. If you want to know more: Check out the page here:

Happy new Year. It’s a big honor to be together with you on this journey called LIFE. 

xxx lots of love

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