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Create a mindblowing vision board...

Jan 11, 2021

…look at it daily and you’ll be AMAZED how quickly things begin to enfold for you! WHY?

Because you are focused. You create like a filter through which you see the world: A filter of wishes and dreams and intentions. It’s magic and it works!

Even if it’s just a reminder of what you want to do and be and have in 2021 and you don’t miss that cool highlight you’ve planned, because you are occupied by your busy life... no, you have this highlight visually in front of you and you anticipate the bestest of experience daily... without even thinking consciously about it all the time.

Our subconscious is a powerful machine, which gathers so much more information than our conscious mind.... I’ll tell you more in the video!

How can I create a vision board? You need images and glue and a board. I like a big canvas, it’s light and easy to hang on any wall. But maybe you like a white board better? Do it your way! The ony BIG and important rule is: Only things you really, really want belong on your vision board. Lame, luke warm wishes get dismissed! People you don’t like... of course, they don’t get space on your magical board.

Watch the video and get into creating the magic and I’ll tell you more supercool success-stories. You better be careful, what you cut out and put up, it could happen. ;) :)

Have a great start into your week! It’s a new week, a BRANDNEW week with thousands of possibilities and you’ll create a wonderful time for yourself, ok?

PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )


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