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10 ways to reset on a bad day

Feb 22, 2021

 A bad day one and then is totally normal. It's ok to have a bad day! But I like to be in charge and CHOOSE how I want to spend my day. If I'm in for having a bad time, I go all in : ) I swear, I shout, I'm in a baaaaad moood... but soon after I let everything out, I stop and choose, how I want to create the next part of my day. We are in charge about our mood, our energy. I can choose, you can choose, what you say and what you keep to yourself, what you do and what you don't do... life offers so many options, always. We've got to choose.

Watch this 22min-Masterclass and think of 10 ways how to reset on a bad day yourself. The advice you give yourself is the most valuable AND you probably listen more to your own advice instead of others. I for sure am like this. I don't like to be told by others what I have to do : ) but when I find my OWN solution, what I want or need in that moment, it's worth the effort 100times.

Share your 10 ways to reset on a bad day in my free facebookgroup and inspire all the other members with your ideas! I share my 10 points in the video. Tell me, what you think... helpful? Totally obvious? Nothing special : ) or mindblowing? ; )

Watch the video and I'm looking forward to your post in the facebookgroup.

Happy day,

PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )


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