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Two mamas, five kids in the capitol - an everyday adventure

May 03, 2021

How about more V-log kind of videos? I'm totally into it and I love the outlook on a cool mix of joyful and practical tipps on my blog and youtubechannel with tricks and tools for YOUR life, but also telling you, what's going on in my world on top of that.

The Natural History Museum in Berne (the capitol of Switzerland) runs an exhibition with the title: Queer, diversity is our nature, which sounded so appealing!

So two mamas and 5 kids went to Berne for a daytrip, with the mission to visit that exhibition and then enjoy city life at the river and in the beautiful downtown. No timetable, no hurry, just experiencing the day moment by moment.

Lena and I are a good team, so that helps a lot to stay in Zen mode : ). For years we were looking after our kids every week, so the kids know us and each other well.

We agreed on going to this exhibition without any schedule and having a gorgeous picnic at the beautiful river (Aare) which flows around the old town of Berne.

No schedule means, that we walk in the speed of the kids, stop with every statue they want to see (The kids-eating Oger-fountain is ridiculously terrifying and is built in 1545...nearly 500years ago. How awful to get threatened as a kid, with the outlook, if I don't behave, the kids-eating oger will come and get me... ) or climb on...playing with chess figures in a park...I learned within the last ten years: With enough time, everything is EASY with kids. Hurrying is never helping and why would we hurry in spring vacation and with beautiful weather.

The exhibition was fantastic!! Interesting, beautifully displayed, so much good and great information about being queer in the animal kingdom (queendom) which we humans belong to too! The kids explored many other collections in record time, like all the crystals of the Swiss Alps or the mounted animals... I focus on the queer-exhibition in the video. We spent over three hours in the museum. Wow! Lena and I agreed beforehand that we just stay as long as the kids are in a good mood... we didn't expect it would be three hours.

We were VERY hungry and nearly hangry, when we walked out into the sun (the weather forecast was so bad for this day, so we planned museum and then "let's see"... when the weather got better and better, we still wanted to see this exhibition : )) we fed the kids something small and found the perfect spot right next to the river.

I looooove water and especially when it's floooowing. The kids wanted to go swimming in way tooooo cold river for me! Thanks to Lena, who wanted to dip in too, I got gifted a quiet break with birds chirping and ducks quaking in the sunshine. Lucky, grateful ME!

Watch the video for knowing the temperature of the river : )...

A little shopping tour on the market and in one of my favorite gift shops Yamatuti, which is ONLY in Berne, we decided to treat the kids to their beloved fast food for dinner and go to another wonderful spot, above the main station, where you overlook the whole city, with playground and the last sunrays of the day. What a beautiful, wonderful day we had.

Did you watch my video about "5 Points to keep my energy level high"?
I thought of that, when I was laying in the sun. It's always good to coach myself during a day with taking care of (not so)little(anymore) people:

  1. Get enough sleep the night before if anyhow possible : ) (Sooo helpful for me)
  2. Feed yourself as soon as hangry-ness is kicking in (I had the most wonderful vegan and gluten free food prepared for me for the whole day! So I just pulled out my super sandwich after the museum and my belly was happy within seconds)
  3. No plan, no hurry, easy going, deciding every moment, what would be the next best step for everyone... I love that and I function best with this setting. If I'm chilled, the kids are chilled too... easier said than done, I know... but let's go for it, because it's just better for me, operating without stress!
  4. Let the kids decide themselves, if anyhow possible... Mika with her barefoot walking through the city shocked many people in all these years. She always took her shoes off, since she could do it herself. Her feet are always superdirty, but they are washable : ) and she never catches a cold or cut her feet, so why should I tell her she's not allowed?
  5. Enjoy the little things during the day. The beautiful magical moments in the interactions or in nature or in a discovery... it's an art I think...and you can train that you SEE and FEEL the little beautiful things... I treasure the little things every day and they make my most normal day very very special.

Thank you, Lena, for this beautiful and supercool adventure! And thank you Berne, you are a wonderful city to visit for sure!


PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )


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