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How tapping can help you

Oct 02, 2020

Tapping is my superpower tool!

Have you ever heard about tapping? EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique?
It looks and sounds so weird, you tap on different points on your face and body while you talk out loud, what stresses you out and what you want to change... eeehm, you are freaked out already? Don't be!!

Just watch this video, I'll explain you the whole system and WHY you should try it and then, you lucky soul who speaks English, you check in at Youtube and search for Brad Yates. He is the kindest most generous soul and has more than 1000videos on about every topic of our fears and challenges, our bodily conditions and limiting beliefs. That's all you need to know: Watch the video and go and visit Brad Yates! Try EFT for at least one or two months, ok? After that, as always, you can ditch it forever OR you are fully and absolutely in love with Brad and EFT, as I am.

If you want to learn how to write your own tapping scripts or if you want me to tailor your scripts, join the Joy Academy (or book a private coaching)! In this program you get so much more than just the masterclasses and the recorded material. The wonderful inspiring Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, connect with the best people from around the world... Check the Joy Academy and me out HERE and hey, there is a money back guarantee too! : )

One more homework for you: Download the new Joyometer, with the Ocotober design. : ) Writing about your last week, focusing on the GOOD stuff which happened in your life, thinking of your blessings, this is LIFE CHANGING.

I know… I'm always exaggerating, but this simple tool is so powerful, I swear! Download it, print it out and then answer these questions once a week! Feel the difference after some weeks and all of a sudden you realise the good stuff which is happening right in the moment. You'll already look forward to this journaling exercise while you love to live your life right here and now! Post your Joyometer on your social media to inspire your friends and family. Or maybe you do this exercise together with your partner (and kids) or with your friends? If you want to send your Joyometer to me and tell me about your week, I'm happy to receive your message!

Mine looks like this:

Take care, looove

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