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My Body My Love?

May 01, 2022


Reconnect with your body so you can stop the negative self-talk and start loving yourself

Feeling in love with your body. Feeling at home in your body. Feeling good about your body. Saying and thinking good things about your body. Complimenting your body. Loving what you see, when you walk by a window or in a mirror.

Does this sound like from another planet to you? Are you thinking, well, that sounds dreamy, but sorry, not possible for ME!?

Let’s start with the basics: Food and movement. That’s what we expect to be in balance to love our body, right? Read ahead anyway.

For one semester, I was teaching food engineers about nutrition at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences. The schoolmaster asked me to create a new curriculum that would inspire and motivate these students about this topic. I began my research and decided soon after that it's just not possible for me to choose out of all the topics and tell them, “THIS is the truth, memorize it and pass a test.” During my five years at university studying food science, the facts we were taught in nutrition changed 180 degrees, two times. First, fat was bad, but carbohydrates were good. Then, all these light- and low-fat products sprung up like mushrooms in the supermarkets. Later, carbohydrates became the EVIL thing to eat. Low carb, keto diet, blahblahblah... I'm a big fan of all these hypes...NOT!
As for my students, I decided to challenge them, and I had them read some books about nutrition. I ordered thirty books on Amazon: The Truth About Carbohydrates, Why Carbs Are the BEST for Your Body, Eat Only Fat and You'll Get Slim, and so on, all kinds of titles that totally disagreed with each other. Books about vegan, keto, Atkins, low fat, low carb, anything “low” or “high.”Each student chose one book and held a presentation about the topic at the end of the semester. The bottom line of ALL these books is my food philosophy, and you will roll your eyes: YOU have to find out what is best for you. 
It's your choice what you eat and drink.

The same thing goes with how you want to move your body. YOU decide how and when and if you want to move your body.

The point is: No expert, no guru, no one else but YOU can decide what's good for you. YOU feel if something is good for you, YOU get your body's signals and YOU get to read what your body needs and craves.

Food and movement are necessary for maintaining a healthy body, but the key to reconnecting with yourself and stopping the (soul crushing) self-criticism, the door to loving yourself: THAT IS IN YOUR MIND!

Mindset. I love mindset-work. It’s free, you just need some time, a pen and paper. You know me, I love to sprinkle some JOY over the exercises and add a meditation.

You can look exactly the same after some mindset-work which is dedicated to this topic but on the other side of your time- and energy investment, you feel amazing about yourself, you start seeing the unique beauty of yourself (inside and out), you receive compliments without downplaying them right away, you feel FREE!

Enjoy this episode,



PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those blissful moments throughout your week and print the Joy Cards to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or lantern post. : )

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