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Are you pushing your feelings away because you're afraid of what they're telling you?

Nov 02, 2023

All of us know on some level that pushing our feelings away all the time isn’t helping us solve our problems. And yet it makes sense that we still do it because, whether we’re conscious of it or not, many of us fear what we’ll do if we stop suppressing them.

That’s why embracing your own feelings is probably one of the most courageous things that you can do.

We’re so used to ignoring our feelings that there’s this huge uncertainty when it comes to what feeling our feelings actually means.

  • Do you have to burst into tears when you are sad?
  • Do you have to scream when you are angry?
  • Do you have to sob uncontrollably when you are terrified?
  • Do you have to shout when you are frustrated?

Absolutely not. But you can.

Feeling your feelings means that you acknowledge them and that you give them room to unfold in whatever shape or form they come.

Sometimes crying can be the most comforting thing in that moment and sometimes just sitting by yourself for a couple of minutes taking deep breaths is what feels good. But you can only know what you need when you first allow yourself to feel your feelings, and then learn how to listen to yourself to discover what you need.

Figuring out what you want and what feels right to you is one of my clients’ most common learnings in Joy Academy.

Just the other day one of my clients said: “Joy Academy gave me the permission to be me”. I absolutely love to hear that, and I also know that the truth is: YOU give yourself permission to be you. The Joy Academy is here to guide you on the path to that beautiful realization.

When you push away your feelings, you are also pushing away a part of yourself. Embracing your feelings and thereby yourself instead allows you to be who you are while also allowing for room to change what you’d like to change.

Yes, disrupting your go-to patterns and entering unknown territory can be frightful but it’s a necessary and precious step towards a life full of lightness and joy.

It might sound contradictory that you’ll feel lighter and more joyful when you’re allowing feelings of sadness or anger but opening the door for any feelings means that they can move freely and flow out instead of being stuck in a room and eventually blasting the walls and causing much more damage within you!

If you want to be able to feel all your emotions without the urge to suppress any of it, if you want to acknowledge what you’re feeling and discover the invaluable insights that lie within them, Joy Academy is for you.

Joy Academy is a one year journey where you are guided to find what’s “missing” from your already pretty good life so that you can experience more joy and lightness every single day.

You deserve to give space to your whole being with all its feelings and expressions so that you can unfold in whatever direction and form feels good to you!

Join Joy Academy today and get started right away.

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