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Heather Robinson talks about the power of thoughts and the unfolding of her now joyful life

Aug 19, 2020

In this interview I talk to my dear friend and business planning and implementation coach Heather Robinson, about her life story which led her from the dark places that she experienced during her depression to having «a really freaking joyful life». Get ready for an intense and super inspiring talk.

Heather, owner and founder of «Get accomplished with Heather», helps online coaches with their business planning and implementation. «I love my work, a big part of what I do is help people to love their life, and our work can be a big part of our life. I‘m helping people to find joy within their work and their business». Heather lives in France, very close to the Swiss border, near Geneva and she says it‘s paradise. They moved there because of her husbands work and before Heather even saw their new home, she already knew in her heart, that it would be amazing. Their home is at the foot of the Jura Mountains with a view of the alps from Heathers studio office.

Nosy me asks her how that came to be. Heather tells me, that she wasn‘t massively happy with her work in England, so the idea that she wouldn‘t be working there anymore was a relief. France is also a special place, because when Heather was on a school trip at the age of twelve and got off the ferry and put the foot on French ground, she felt at home for the first time in her life. Unexplainable. «I just felt so at home. Best school trip ever».

«Things unfold in life beautifully if we allow them», Heather

I ask Heather: «How do you do the joy game, how do you bring or feel or create joy in your everyday life?»

«If we have more joy in our life, life is more fun, we have better connections and it‘s just such a nice place to be», Ronja

Heather says, that having a joyful life is relatively new to her, «I just didn‘t get the memo that life is supposed to be fun», so I ask her how she found out that life can or should be fun.

The big answer is Abraham Hicks. «They were the biggest, most mind blowing ‘omg why didn‘t I get that before?’ moment». But Heather also states, that if she hadn‘t done all the work, that led up to that, all the personal development, counselling and training, she probably couldn‘t have heard their message. One of Abraham Hicks main message is that «life is supposed to be fun». «I had been struggling and struggling and suddenly I could see why I'd been struggling so much and how I could not struggle anymore if I chose to, that was just massive».

I love Abraham Hicks very much myself, but I always find it hard to explain it to other people, so I ask Heather how she does it and her answer is:

«It‘s a bit nuts and it‘s channelled teachings. Basically, there is a gorgeous inspirational woman who has a bunch of dead people talking through here. The messages that come through are life changing. I don‘t care whether she actually has a bunch of dead people speaking through her or whether it‘s a big con, I don‘t care. The message that she shares is absolutely life changing. I went from always really struggling, to gradually struggling less and less because I was doing more and more personal development work, to working less and having a really freaking joyful life. I experienced what I never in a million years thought would be possible for me. For other people, rich, confident, extroverted people, yes, but not me».

Heather tells me, how she – after finding out about Abraham Hicks - spent all day everyday for a few months reading and watching everything she could find online, because at that time even buying a book wasn‘t in her budget.

«I was doing all the processes, because they felt good to do, I really worked it», Heather

Abraham Hicks‘ message is that you are the creator of your own reality and that you can decide what it is that you want and you can allow that to happen, you can make it happen. Life is supposed to be easy and life is supposed to be fun.

It‘s not saying that life is going to be great and happy all the time, it‘s kind of about being okay with the times that are more challenging and still focusing on the things that you want and feeling the best that we can in any given moment. They teach lots of different ways how you can achieve that.

«From my own experience, when you put it in practice, absolute magic happens and your life can completely transform», Heather

I ask Heather about her most favorite exercise.

«My most favorite one was visioning what I wanted to happen but writing it in the now». One experience where that exercise helped to shift things was when they had a dog and got another dog. «They were fighting really bad, so I would write every day that the dogs would be happy and friends. In the end they slept together in the same bed, before they weren‘t even able to be in the same room».

«I love things I can‘t explain, it‘s more fun and more magic if you believe in these things», Ronja

Think about what you want, how you want it and write about it. If it‘s going to happen or not, it‘s really nice just to be writing about those wonderful things that you want to happen. And when you feel good, more goodness will come into your life, that‘s the law of attraction.

«Our business is way more fun and way more successful if we purposefully bring more joy and ease to it», Heather

I totally agree, if you‘re joyful and you invest in your joy, you‘re just more successful. It‘s also more fun to be around you than when you‘re grumpy or always seeing the worst case scenario.

Heather says that she was totally ‘that person.’ Always imagining the worst case. If you imagine the worst case, you can‘t be disappointed, that‘s one technique to cope with life, but it‘s not fun. It‘s much better to envision the best case scenario and if something doesn‘t go as planned, you can still cope with it when it actually happens. If you worry beforehand and then it happens, you actually go through it twice. Or more.

«Whatever you think about, more similar thoughts of a similar vibration come to you», Heather

«It‘s just habit, if that‘s how you‘ve been brought up, you attract people around you that are similar to you. You don‘t even know that there‘s another way», Heather

Heather says, that she was also really fortunate to meet a lot of angels along the way, that have shown her a different path. She got together with her husband when she was still in the worst case scenario, on sick leave because of depression and anxiety, but during a massively joyful week. Looking back, she definitely allowed that relationship in. The cause for the massively joyful week was a van that she absolutely wanted to have, although at that time she didn‘t even have her driving license. She just knew: It‘s that one or nothing. She borrowed some money from friends, even though that‘s something she normally never did and just went ahead and bought it.

«If you desire something that big you‘ll find a way to do it. It‘s that relationship between how big your desire is and how big your resistance towards it is», Heather

«Looking back and seeing the lessons or the funny stories, that‘s so cool», Ronja

I ask Heather, how she and her husband grew together? «In so many ways we are very alike and in others we are completely different. Our values are the same. We both always knew we would always be together». Heather adds, that her husband has never been into personal or spiritual development and really can‘t bare the sound of Abraham Hicks voice, he‘ll even leave the room. «Masculine energy seems to find it easier to be not so worried about what people think, more out there, more focused, they don‘t get overly concerned about other people‘s stuff».

«You can have whatever you want», Heather

If you‘re coming from a place of «life is hard and things are hard», it takes effort and focus and time, but when you do the exercises and processes that make you feel just a tiny bit better, it‘s not that hard anymore and it feels nice. «If you do the processes for the sake of feeling better in the moment, everything else will sort itself out». It‘s also hard because if you‘re living a life where everything is challenging, you usually want to go from feeling really crap to feeling great and joyful and that‘s too big a jump, you just can‘t do that.

You might ask yourself «If I‘m the creator of my own reality – Why would I have created this crappy life??»

I ask Heather, how she reacts to questions like that.

«Yes you have created your own reality, but you haven‘t done it on purpose. You didn‘t know how it worked and if you did know you would have done it differently. You can only do what you know at that time. For me, when I found out, it was so freaking empowering. Suddenly I was able to look back and join all the dots backwards and see how I‘d created of the horribleness and drama and the crap and the depression. Not on purpose, I did the absolute best that I could at that time, but I just didn‘t know better at that time. Yes I created it, but I didn‘t create it on purpose. It was so empowering for me to know that I could change things going on forward - and I did!».

When you don‘t even know where to start or can‘t imagine getting better anytime, all you need to do is trying to feel the tiniest tiniest bit better than you feel now. If you keep making those tiny micro steps of feeling slightly better, before you know it you‘ll actually have that amazing life. If you try to go to there all at once, all you can see is that you aren‘t there yet and you‘ll have more of «I‘m not there yet», whereas with tiny steps you gradually feel better and better.

If you‘re lying depressed on the sofa, think about what‘s the tiniest thing than can help you feel better, maybe put a blanket over your feet. If that‘s all you can do, that will take you a very long way. Once you‘re comfortable, you‘ll think about what‘s the next tiny thing, like making a cup of tea.

I love this story about Abraham Hicks, where you imagine your negative thoughts like a car standing on top of a steep hill in San Francisco. When you see that it begins to move, you can still stop it with your own force, but if you let it run, it creates momentum and you won‘t be able to stop it anymore. So whenever you feel a negative thought coming, try to stop it right there and best change it to a positive thought. Those little mind games are so powerful.

«I have the power to change it. It‘s not up to somebody or something else, it‘s up to me. If we would all be more aware of our power, it would be much easier», Ronja

«You can‘t control the situations, but the reactions to it», Ronja

If you‘ve got the momentum going for negative thoughts, it‘s a challenge to change it. That‘s where you have to work. The work of changing your thoughts and your focus is less hard than everything else you‘re doing and everything else that you think you might need to do to get to your big dreams.

«Whatever you‘re thinking about, you‘re going to get more of, whether you want it or not», Abraham Hicks

«Rather than trying to stop thinking about one thing, choosing to think about something else is easier», Heather

If you notice yourself thinking about something not so good, you can say that‘s ok, it‘s not about being fearful, just choose to bring something which feels a little better in instead.

Heather also talks about «The Placemat Process», where you write down a to do list for all the things, that you are going to be responsible for on one side, and on the other side you write down everything that the Universe is going to be responsible for. You just trust, that the universe will sort that out.  

«It‘s really nice to get clear about what you can and cannot control.  Then hand over some of that uncontrollable stuff for the Universe to sort out», Heather

The stuff you are delegating to the Universe is stuff that you don‘t have in your hands anyway, you can worry about it or trust about it, that‘s again a choice.

When I go down the spiral I do some sports and then some yoga, that‘s so helpful, it‘s like coaching yourself with these techniques. That‘s making it doable. It‘s a process all the time.

«It‘s so important to make peace with where we are and not be afraid of the negative spirals - they happen and it’s ok», Heather

Heather says that it‘s about getting into the place, where we are ok with those negative spirals coming in. «We can almost make them worse by going omg I need to stop them».  That‘s where we can bring other practices in. Meditation, yoga, tapping, Byron Katie‘s the work, there are so many things that we can do».

Heather tells me the story of how she found Abraham Hicks. A friend sent her an email with a link to youtube and a message that she should watch it. As she normally would only send something when she thought it was good and she was a friend that Heather really respected, she watched the video with a really open mind. «I didn‘t know it was channeled talking, it was just a woman on a stage and I couldn‘t understand anything that she was talking about». Heather says, that the language Abraham Hicks uses is unusual and that they use many analogies. «For 30 years they have been explaining the same thing but they use different analogies for different times». Although she didn‘t understand what they were saying, she felt a huge visceral reaction, almost like being on ecstasy.

For Heather, it was life changing but she also says: «If you listen to their stuff and it‘s just not your thing it doesn‘t matter. There are so many people out there teaching the same teachings now. «We need to hear what we need to hear through the people we need to hear it from». It doesn‘t matter if you don‘t like them, there‘s plenty of others that teach the same.

«We all have our own desires and what we want from life and we will find the path of least resistance to get there», Heather

Heather says, that through all her years of depression and misery, she just so wanted to understand, why do other people not struggle, why does she struggle so much. «I really wanted to know why my life was as it was, it didn‘t make any sense to me, I really wanted to know, and they had all the answers».

Later she found out that her friend didn‘t send the video because she thought it was good, but because she thought it was weird and that afterwards they would have a laugh at it together. She had no idea that it was going to completely change Heather‘s life and show her the way out of the misery that she’d found herself in for years.

That‘s what I really like about Abraham Hicks. You choose yourself what you want, we all co-create with each other, there‘s no judgment in it at all. They‘re not pro or against anything. Whatever you choose is perfect, because you choose what you want. You find a way to fit into your life what you want beautifully. It‘s universal teaching, they didn‘t invent it, they just tell us about it in a light and fun way.

«How much do you want something and how much is your resistance. You‘ll find what you want somewhere, they‘re not THE answer, but they‘re MY answer», Heather says.

We‘re in this together. If you focus on your fun, your feelings, your thoughts, you can find joy.

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