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Kevin Laylor talks about the ripple effects of connecting people

Jan 06, 2021

I met Kevin Laylor two years ago at a Brendon Burchard event in California where we enjoyed a great evening together among friends. I’m very happy to share this conversation with you as I perceive Kevin exactly as he describes himself: «I am simply a giver to people». Dive into our talk to find out why, how and what hugs have got to do with it. Enjoy.

Kevin says that there’s a thing about connecting people together, about watching people coming up with ideas, aha moments, friendships… «That is the ripple effect I want to be part of».

Kevin is a life coach that coaches other life coaches: «I want to see them own their own crafts».

«There is just a joy being around people enjoying their crafts», Kevin

«I really believe that the joy that other people have, let people look for opportunities to see the good in something», Kevin

I ask Kevin my favorite questions: What brings you joy?

Kevin answers that he enjoys being with his 7-year-old son and that there is a lot to be learned: «He’s not listening to what I’m saying, he’s watching what I’m doing, it’s a reflection of my parenting». There is also another ripple effect here: «What I do for him, has a ripple effect. I just get to be a part of that fun, joy, happiness and I’m so grateful for that». Kevin also enjoys cooking, especially his famous chocolate mud slide cake (listen to the episode for the whole story about that! : )), creating, listening to music «chill music drops me out of my head, I shift from being frustrated to being chill», meeting people, being in nature…

I ask Kevin if he’d like to put together a playlist for the New Year which he happily says yes to: «If there is any time you need to slow down, take a break and have something to listen to, know that Kevin recommended to slow down, be present and find the joy in the moment versus what is frustrating you. Listen to – let’s call it the joy playlist, it’ll either slow you down or bring happiness», Kevin describes his list. I’ll put the link below. : )

I ask Kevin how he approaches the new year.

«Instead of planning for the new year, plan throughout the year, any day is an opportunity to plant a seed for what you want to change», Kevin

«What are the seeds that I can plant today, because New Year’s Day is everyday», Kevin

Kevin plans by thinking about what he wants to happen in 3, 6 or 9 months and start planting the seeds for those things right away.

«Have zero judgment, because our own judgment is what keeps us from getting what we want», Kevin

I ask Kevin for his advice when people are simply overwhelmed by their big vision or big dream and don’t know how to approach it. His advice is the following: «Break it down into little actions that you feel you can do, have someone look over it to see if there are any gaps and look at the WHY it matters to you. The more you execute the micro steps, the more you feel the why it matters, the more you have energy to get over «oh my god this is so big» versus «one step is done, two steps are done, three steps are done…», once it gets momentum, it become contagious, once it contagious, the energy to complete what you want is possible».

I add the question that many people might ask: What if I fail?

«Not accomplishing a goal is not a failure, it’s a lesson. There is no failure if you keep going after what you want», Kevin

«Sometimes the biggest obstacle is the fear of what other people think», Ronja

Kevin says that he stopped listening to other people saying that something isn’t possible, because they don’t know what he’s been through, all the things that he has already learned, all the experiences that he has gained: «Their words are their words alone, they’re not mine».

«If someone’s telling you, you can’t do something versus asking you, how can I help you, my advice to you is: ignore their voice», Kevin

«If they’re not asking you how to support you but they’re telling you what you can’t do, create a boundary, put their voice aside, get back to your why and repeat to yourself «what do I want, what do I want, what do I want» and every time you execute your plan like that, joy is inevitable», Kevin adds. «Joy is inevitable» I like that!

«If you have joy, everything else is so easy», Ronja

«It’s ok for me to want what I want to want», Ronja

«What do you love to do that people say you are great at? Do more of that, life is fun», Kevin

I ask Kevin what he does on his ideal day.

First thing in the morning, Kevin drinks water and meditates for 30 minutes. He either listens to hertz frequency music or real chill music like «Immanuel» by Tony Anderson. «What makes the meditation a habit for me is because I told myself, that it’s for me. If everything else doesn’t go my way for the day, I know that my health and my well-being was first and that I gave myself that 30 minutes of meditation just to sink back into myself», Kevin explains.  

Kevin’s tips for starting meditation:

  • Start with 5 minutes
  • Find a guided meditation or an instrumental song that has you in a deep reflection
  • Work your way up to longer meditation sessions

«Meditation because it’s my time, that time is sacred. It feels nice to say that every day I dedicate at minimum half an hour solely to my well-being», Kevin

I’ll post a link below, where you can download my favorite meditation. The Golden Bubble Meditation is a great start into meditation, it’s another awesome tool that you can easily implement into your everyday life to make it more fun and more magical.

«You never know what consistency offers you», Kevin

After meditation, Kevin works out, does virtual homeschooling with his son, works online and decompresses from the day by watching Netflix. «I see myself as very simple», Kevin adds laughing: «Wake up, Kevin’s time, family time, work time, relax, rinse and repeat».

«Simple is good», Kevin

«I’m enjoying the simplicity of my day before I don’t have that anymore», Kevin

«We’re so busy with doing, when is the time for just being?», Kevin

We talk about the current time we’re being in (winter 2020) and the difficulties to plan events, but Kevin says that he always has the same approach; He asks himself what he wants to look back on in one or two years and be glad that he did it then, so even though you might not be able to do this or that right away, ask yourself what are other things that you can do.

«I do my best not to take for granted the simplicities that life has to offer», Kevin

We both love to hug and to get hugged, so we round up our talk with talking about that.

Kevin says that even though the world is mostly online right now, he enjoys connecting and meeting new people on the internet, because he thinks about the time when he’ll be able to meet all those awesome people for real and give them a big hug. What a great way to look at it!

«There is no later, there is right now. Create the experience that the "future you" will be grateful for. Create memories and plant those seeds», Kevin

Don’t waste any time feeling stuck in our current situation, you can plant a seed or more at each and every day!

This is where you can find Kevin:


Things we talked about:

Kevin's Playlist: Rejuvenating / Move Your Body
Kevin's Playlist: Relax / Introspective

Song: «Immanuel» by Tony Anderson
Golden Bubble Meditation -> download it here

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