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Angie Taylor on the power of our fingertips

May 26, 2021

Angie Taylor is a French to English translator and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. We met a few years ago at a live event in London and I’m so happy that we got to spend this hour together. Angie talks about her fascinating work with tapping, and we dive into various topics around this. It’s such a beautiful and calm conversation and I wish you lots of joy listening to it.

We dive right into EFT, which is something that I love and have practised for so many years as well. Angie says: “It’s just so amazing to have such a fabulous tool or creating joy literally at my fingertips”. It’s so easy and you can do a little bit every day. It helps you get your joy level up and get rid of blocks. “You can do it for yourself, but it’s just so wonderful to be able to do it for other people and help remove what’s blocking them and help them find their joy as well, that just gives me such a buzz”, Angie adds.

Angie tells how Brad Yates, a famous EFT practitioner (make sure to check him out on YouTube, he has tons of videos for so many different situations, simply awesome!), often compares tapping to Michelangelo’s statue of David. He says that the statue of David was always in the block of marble, and Michelangelo just had to chip away the bits that weren’t meant to be there to reveal this beautiful statue and that’s what it’s like with all of us. We just chip away what we don’t need any more and uncover our real joyful self. “I think that’s a beautiful analogy”.

What brings you joy personally?
“I try and look at the small things, I think it’s so important not to take anything for granted. Even if at the end of the day, all you’ve got to be grateful for is that you saw a beautiful flower while you were out for a walk or your cup of coffee tasted amazing or smelled wonderful”, Angie answers.

“Don’t take anything for granted”, Angie

“I always try to be thankful and show gratitude at the end of the day, look for the small things”, Angie says. When we’re busy and going about our lives, it’s often easy to overlook those small moments. We’re always looking for these huge moments of joy and wonderful big experiences, but you can find the joy in the tiny things too.

You can train your eyes and your whole perception to see the little things, just like a little kid.

“I’m such a big fan of the small things”, Ronja

How do you create joy? How do you treat yourself to feel joyful and take care of yourself?

“I set my intentions for the day every morning”, Angie says. “I make sure I always have time for some reading, I always have time for some music…”. The first cup of tea in the morning, taking time to sit down and really enjoy it, dancing – around the kitchen if there isn’t much time – and spending time with her children… “And taking time in the evening to be grateful that I’ve created these moments throughout the day”, Angie adds.

How do you set intentions?
“I sit down, go through my diary and build around that”. Angie plans her day and sets out everything that she wants to achieve without pressure and stress, but to put her mind in order and help start the day.

We talk about our morning routines and intention setting. Every morning from Monday to Thursday I do a Golden Bubble Meditation in the Joy Academy group, that is wonderful to start a new day. If you want to try it out, sign up here to get one version of my favourite meditation for free and if you want more, join the Joy Academy!

Angie tells us about a similar meditation that she does. You imagine bright white light energy coming down from the Universe. You visualise opening up the top of your cranium and the white light pours into you and all the way down into every cell and every atom of your body. It goes all the way down through your feet into the earth, into the root, right into the core of the earth. It mixes with the earth energy and they both come back up into your body. At the same time, you’ve got the energy from the Universe coming down and energy from the centre of the earth coming up. “It can really boost your energy and give you a real lift, it’s really powerful”.

I really like that version too. It’s another energy boost on top! The great thing with these energy meditations is that the more you do them, the more spontaneously you can let the gold bubble or energy field pop up. You can put it around you when you’re walking through the streets and want to feel safe, or you can put it around your bicycle or car so that nobody touches it. Angie says that she also likes to put a protecting energy field around her car when she’s driving. Another awesome feature is that you can play with colours too! For example, if you’re in a meeting and want to speak up, you can imagine being in a bright red bubble : ). I really love this meditation and I encourage you to try it out as well. “People are going to think we’re completely mad”, Angie says laughing.

“Childish, joyful acts can have a big impact, that’s for sure”, Ronja

What is Matrix Reimprinting?
Angie explains: “About 5,000 years ago, the Taoist monks first documented energy channels moving through the body, called the meridians. In the 1960s a man called Gary Craig developed a technique to tap into these channels and discovered that if you have any trauma or upsets, any emotional or physical disruptions, the energy channels can become blocked. He discovered a process to help unblock the energy channels, so the energy can flow freely and the emotional distress, caused by the trauma or the events or the physical pain is released, and people can heal. It’s often described as acupuncture without the needles, because we just use our fingertips to tap meridian points on the face, on the hands and on the body. It sends kinetic energy through the body to help release the blockages.

It’s a bit like if you imagine a river and the water is blocked by a lot of logs. You just need to start taking away a few of the logs and then the water starts to flow again. Matrix Reimprinting is based on EFT but it takes it a step further. It was developed by Karl Dawson, the man I trained with. It’s based on the fact that when we have a trauma, a big trauma such as bereavement or abuse or a small trauma like an accident or an argument, then part of us freezes and that part of us (called an Echo) breaks off and remains in our energy field. It’s always within us, always within our energy field.

With Matrix Reimprinting you tap and bring back into your mind this event and this version of you, but you talk to them, you tap on them, you bring in resources they might need, whether that’s a friend or family member, a colour, an angel, anything that makes them feel good, and just in your mind you tap on them to release their trauma and the belief they formed when the event happened”.

Angie says that for a child it can be something completely innocent like the parent saying, “don’t be silly” or “not now, I'm busy”. This can create a belief in the child, for example “wow, I’m really stupid” or “she rejected me because she doesn’t love me, because I’m unlovable”. Although the parent probably didn’t realise this and it wasn’t their intent, it can stay with the child for a long time and even make them attract things throughout life that confirm this belief. This is where Matrix Reimprinting comes in. “You bring the child into your mind, but you keep dissociated from them. You tap on them. You can freeze people, you can talk to people. It’s really magical”, Angie adds.

“Often when you start tapping, your subconscious brings up a memory, so you can work on that and create new beliefs”, Angie

And all you need are your fingers and to close your eyes. That is just fascinating and so powerful!

Angie explains that with Matrix Reimprinting you build your ideal scenario. You think about who’s there with you, you bring in the colours, you make everything as bright, as vivid as possible; you see the colours, you smell and hear everything around you. Then you send that image down into every atom and cell of your body and then bring it back into your heart and send it out to the Universe. It can take just a minute, but it helps reimprint the new belief in your subconscious and create new neural pathways.

Angie says that even if you’re not wishing for something specific, you can send love, happiness and contentment all through your body and back up to your heart and out as far as it will go.

“The positive thoughts that you’re sending out are so beautiful for the whole world”, Ronja

Angie adds that the more people do it, the bigger the ripple effect will be. What a beautiful vision! I love the image of positive and joyful ripple effects flowing all over the world too. That’s why I’ve created the Joy Cards, that you can stick on lamp posts or benches or train seats… and create a lovely encounter for a stranger : )

“Just do something nice for somebody else and hope that they will pay it forward and do something nice for somebody else, and that the chain will carry on”, Angie

“Just be kind. Obviously we have no idea what everybody else is going through. You might be the only person to smile at someone that day, the only person to be nice that day, and that can have an amazing effect”, Angie

“Kindness generates such a nice feeling within myself, without the expectation that somebody has to say “oh thank you very much”. The kindness itself is the present I gift myself and the outside world”, Ronja

Angie adds that we’re all human. Nobody is positive, bright and sparkly the whole time, but it’s good just to try. If you’re not feeling great, just trying to smile at people, just saying good morning or hello, that can raise your spirit as well as the other person's, so it can have a double effect.

“Life is good when we are in our zone of genius”, Ronja

We shouldn’t stress out about having the perfect day today, just be in flow and listen to your intuition and trust yourself, that you will say the right things.

Angie says that she read something beautiful that really made her ponder: “I read that there are as many versions of us in the world as there are people we’ve met. Every single person we’ve come into contact with formed a different impression of who we are, based on who they are, based on their experience, their life, based on how they are feeling that day. Everybody has a completely different image of who we are, so there is no one version of us, there’s just as many versions of us as there are people we’ve interacted with”.

That’s really wow!

We talk about how you look at yourself and how others perceive you.

Angie says, while talking about girls' magazines and how they’re often full of make-up tips and dressing up and how to get a boyfriend and what not…: “If it gives you a boost, great, go for it, if it makes you happy and feel more comfortable, but nobody should feel like they have to do that to fit in and be accepted, that’s really important to learn”.

“Don’t base your life on unrealistic expectations”, Angie

It’s again from the inside out. If you chip away the things that block your energy, you’re just more stable and you’re not so easily swayed by things that others say or expect.

Angie rounds up our conversation, “With EFT it’s just about uncovering the real you and we all have it inside us. It’s taken years to cover that up, the layers that have been piled on over the years, the doubt, the comments, it’s all piled on top of us and we just need to peel that onion back, peel it away until we get back to the real you and you can rediscover that self-belief and that self-confidence”.

“Just be yourself and find out who you want to be. You don’t have to fit into a mould at all”, Ronja

Angie's message to the world:
“Be yourself, you can’t be anyone else, just embrace that. If you need to take time for yourself, do it. If you need to be quiet and go within for a while every day, do it. Do whatever you need to do, just try your best to find your authentic self and your confidence. You’ll have a much greater impact in the world if you can just be yourself. And try to find some joy and beauty in everything you can”.

Aaah, that is so good to hear! Everybody out there should hear this!

“We will change the world by being ourselves”, Ronja

The hour flew by, what a beautiful conversation!

This is where you can find Angie:


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