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Mark Hagan on taking action to get results

Sep 11, 2021

I met Mark Hagan in Jesse Itzler’s «Build Your Life Resume»-facebook group and he is a wonder! Mark owns several businesses, he has a family of six and the greatest attitude towards life. In this episode we talk about the importance of nutrition, habits, why taking action is crucial for success, floating and much more. I wish you lots of fun with this conversation full of inspiring insights.

Mark started his first business from physical therapy which was his major. «It was cool, I liked it, but it was kind of slow pace for me, I needed something more fast pace to help more people». Realizing that, Mark went into personal training. That was in 2005. Since then he also started a vending machine business, invested in real estate, has a hospitality service and doing foster care. «My next big deal is adding a group home business for kids who need some help, because they have CPS issues or mental issues or their parents don‘t want to take care of them». It‘s a concept for foster parents that don‘t get any relief, a place where they can drop their kids off to take a break.

«I need three (businesses) more and then I think I‘m good», Mark says laughing.

What brings you joy? How do you fill your cup?

Travel, road trips, hiking, sightseeing, going for a walk, business, doing things… «It always brings me joy when I‘m accomplishing something and moving, when I‘m progressing from where I started». Marks says that‘s why he likes the fitness business: «I‘m chasing something from where you were to where you can be, I like that transition». All of Mark‘s businesses use the same formula: «It starts here and then it goes there and you can see the difference, it‘s like a before and after picture».

Some of Mark‘s wisdom neatly packed into quotes:

«Your faith in God is measured by the confidence you have in yourself», Mark

«I believe in persistence, patience and being peaceful», Mark

«Everything is going to be okay», Mark believes in that. If you want to change something, if you want to accomplish something, hang around people that are already doing what you want to do, because they already have that energy.

«Eating is important, the positive words you say are important, the mental breaks are important, the meditation is important, writing your goals down is important. All those things build up to who you become, what you do and the action that you take», Mark

Mark is currently doing a work-out-1000-days-in-a-row-challenge. «It‘s a great habit, it‘s persistent, stuff can happen, it‘s gonna help, my body will change, my mindset will change, it will keep me from procrastinating», he states. Mark explains that you can always mix it up, you can do stretching or yoga as an exercise to give your body the necessary rest.

Another of Mark‘s habits is a cold shower in the morning. «The mental conversation that you have with yourself before you get into the shower is the toughest part».

«Mental conversation balances me and gets me back on focus, because it gets me in the habit of talking to myself, letting me know what my goals are, what I need to do and crushing my goal», Mark says.

The first thing that Mark does in the morning is meditating, journaling and then taking a cold shower to get the day started.

«Meditation has helped me a whole lot to calm me down, to be one with myself», Mark says and adds that many people pray but don‘t hear what God says: «I feel like God speaks to me through my meditation to give me other angles to think about a situation». Therapy is something that helped Mark too. «You trying to do it by yourself is cool and you‘ll be able to get to where you need to be but you can get a lot further with somebody to help you with the everyday thoughts, the everyday feelings, the everday emotions. They can be overwhelming, especially with today‘s technologies, social media, everything is right at your finger tips. There is so much information and trying to process all this information, I feel like a therapist helps me».

How do you meditate?

  • Walking - «I‘m not still but I feel when I‘m walking it helps clear my mind»
  • Laying back with breathing techniques
  • Sitting - «that‘s been tough because I felt uncomfortable first»

«The most important thing about meditation is being comfortable», Mark

Mark says that he‘s tried floating before. It‘s a chamber like a jacuzzi size pool, with himalayan salt in the water and music playing. You sit down and when you lay back, the salt water actually floats you in the water so you‘re floating the whole time. «You can fall asleep, you can meditate, you can extend to one hour, man you‘ll feel relaxed», Mark adds.

The topic ouf our month is: Challenge yourself and try something that you‘ve never tried before – maybe floating? : )

To Mark it‘s super important what you eat: «I think it all starts with the nutrients that you give your body. What you put in comes out».

«To clear your thoughts, to clear your mind, to clear your distractions is to get a purpose, that‘s my philosophy», Mark

«I feel lighter and more connected to things and people when I‘m eating vegan only», Mark

I ask Mark how he suggest to start when taking on a new project:

  • Write it down and make a plan, so that you see what you want to accomplish, see it on paper, see it from start to finish

«Focus on you until the focus is you», Mark

Mark says that it‘s up to you to start taking action. When you start, people will come and support, cheer you on and give you the push that you need, but you have to believe in the process. Even or especially when you feel lonely you just have to keep pushing.  

Recap of Mark‘s habits:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Hustling for the things that are important
  • Eating as natural as possible to have a clear mind and take good care of your body
  • Cold showers
  • Drinking water

What is your message to the whole world?

I‘ve taken Mark‘s message apart for you, so that you can see all the #markmywords.

  • Live your best self
  • It‘s okay to be vulnerable
  • My favourite quote of Mark is «The faith in God is measured by the confidence you have in yourself»
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • You can do anything
  • Don‘t let anyone stop you from pursuing your goals
  • Be the best you can be
  • Your wealth is your health
  • Make sure you take care of your body
  • Love everybody around you because you never know, they could be gone the next day, that‘s my message».

Thank you so much for another great and truly inspiring talk!

This is where you can find Mark:


Things / people / resources we talked about:

Jesse Itzler
Wim Hof (ice baths)
Challenge 22 (to go vegan)

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