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ramiro talks about living his true spiritual self

Nov 11, 2021

I met ramiro when I was writing my book «The Joy Compass» and I’m so excited to share this conversation with you. ramiro is an incredibly interesting person that you can hardly put into words. If you can, do watch the video of the full episode, you’ll be amazed about all the stories he’ll tell. This talk goes deep and ramiro doesn’t shy away from sharing his view on the spiritual realm of life. If this interests you, enjoy! If you find this rather curious, listen to it anyway, it’ll broaden your perspective of life for sure. : )

ramiro dives head on into our conversation by answering my question – who are you – with the following answer: «I am a creative spirit here in the body called ramiro right now»

«Look at the three bodies: the physical body, the energy body and the spiritual body. When those three are in sync and aligned, that‘s when that spirit and that creative expression and that creative energy get channeled through all the bodies into the physical expression and that‘s really how I create joy», ramiro explains.

I ask ramiro how he stays in sync and aligned with the three bodies and his answer is simple yet so difficult for many:

  • Being very intutitive
  • Paying attention to my emotions

«My aim is to express my spirit creatively in the human vessel», ramiro

One of the ways that ramiro expresses his spirit is through stories. «I am a story teller, I am a story guide, I am a teacher, I create lyrics, I create music, I‘m a vocalist», he states. ramiro adds, that when he found his own purpose, he was wondering if he‘s the only one that cares about stuff like that, so he‘d sometimes ask someone instead of «hey, how are you», «hey, what‘s your purpose?». : )

We talk about conversations that are lingering on the small talk level while others go deep right away. ramiro says that he tried to conceal his authentical self, who doesn‘t really want to waste time for small talk but stopped at some point: «I can‘t bare it too long, when I don‘t show that full part of myself. It doesn‘t really resonate because that‘s shying away from who I am, it‘s being afraid to show who I am. Now I‘m much more fluent and flexible and intuitive with it». ramiro has experienced, that some people are willing to go deep, while others want to go on a «first date» and talk about the weather first». There are also people who avoid the deep topics and want to stay on a small talk level.

I love ramiro‘s openness when it comes to his spiritual being and am curious to know more about his background.

ramiro laughs heartly and explains that his background is suuuper complicated. I‘ll let him explain it in his heartwarming way in the episode but share a snippet of it, so that you‘re intrigued to find out more. ; )

ramiro‘s origin lays in Suriname, where he‘s living at the moment. His father is Chinese - ramiro ‘s grandparents came to Suriname by boat from China - and his mother is originally from Colombia. ramiro speaks fluently English with an American accent, because he‘s learned it from the Disney channel and his mother tongue is Dutch. ramiro explains that he‘s a cross-culture-kid: „A Cross-Cultural Kid ( CCK) is a person who has lived in—or meaningfully interacted with—two or more cultural environments for a significant period of time during developmental years.” (Quote: On top of all these influences, ramiro remarks that he has a very well developed feminine side, which is why some people are confused with his gender.

Going back in full circle to the beginning of our talk, ramiro states: «I‘m not defined by my culture, by my parents, by my relationships, by my age, by my gender, by my art… that doesn‘t define me. So who am I? I‘m a creative spirit».

«We need simple things to understand this world, but the world just isn‘t simple», Ronja

Another topic that we tackle is planning and visioning. ramiro says that he‘s stopped planning the whole year because after a few months he stopped using the calendar. «I love the three month plan the most. I only have it for the broader vision, because things change».

ramiro‘s long term vision – for a 100 years! - is a little vague and the three months plan is a little bit more detailed, but still very flexible.

«I‘m always learning and rediscovering», ramiro

ramiro started this year with an education training in clairvoyance, that takes 5 years in total. «In the next five years I‘m all set in that area, I know what I want to do». That‘s his personal skill and spiritual development that helps ramiro to focus, when people tell him about another great masterclass that he should attend or another awesome meditation that he should try or another incredible traning that he should go through. «They‘re probably all good, but for now I‘m good, I don‘t need this». ramiro adds: «I don‘t need a new angle, I don‘t need a new perspecitve right now».

«I have a long term vision so that I can focus», ramiro

In December ramiro reflects on the past year and plans the next three months ahead. I‘m amazed by ramiro‘s plans and how unconcerned he is with planning ahead but he simply says: «The closer I get to it, the more I plan for it».

«The combination of having plans and goals and being flexible, that‘s very beautiful», Ronja

A snippet of how the space, that ramiro creates through his openness, flexibility and spontaneity is filled: ramiro recently started his own podcast. Within one week he had the intro, the description, the trailer and the cover image done. he even had six guest episodes recorded and ready to publish. he had everything done. «I could just hit publish right away, within one week. For me that‘s super fast».

«The freedom of self-employment is gold», Ronja

To ramiro his plans are as open and flexible as he himself is: «You set an intention of who you are, but it‘s not a rule, it‘s not a constriction, it‘s just what resonates with you and who you choose to be. If that needs to change, then you‘re very flexible and can change how you want».

I ask ramiro how he‘s coping with the change of country and living places that happens rather regularly in his life and ramiro explains by telling about the eight China elements, that are considered in Bazi – a Chinese system that some say is astrology and others says is fortune telling. «In a nutshell, BaZi analyzes the unique numerals of an individual's birth data and gender and then matches them to a matrix of metaphysical knowledge based on the sun and its elemental influences on him/her. Therein lies the fate and destiny of an individual, in the realms of BaZi. (Quote: Regarding this system, ramiro is a small wood which means: «I don‘t have deep roots, I can easily move from place to place. When you‘re big wood, then you have deep roots and you can stay at a place longer».

«Being a full time nomad is not sexy to me», ramiro

«Sometimes your intuition sends a message through other people», ramiro

To have a vision, you first must find out what you want. You don‘t have to know all the little moves yet, but feeling that this is what you want is so empowering and it gives you a lot of ideas and inspiration. When you‘re on the way and you find out that you don‘t want that anymore you just change your way because we can.

I love ramiro‘s approach: Know what you want and then figure it out, but don‘t stress about all the details right now. That‘s the perfect intention for looking back on 2021 and to look into 2022.

To look back on 2021, I‘ve decided to host a free 5 day challenge with a pop up facebook-group. Find out all the details here: LINK and join me for precious activities to make you feel so good about this year.

ramiro‘s message to the world:

«You are a creative spirit and all your creative spirit wants to do is to be fully expressed throughout all the bodies. Through the energy body, through the phyiscal body, through the spiritual body. That is your gift to the world and we deserve your gift. It is your obligation – no pressure – to share your gift, your light, your spirit with the world».

Wow. What a talk! It‘s so inspiring to listen to ramiro. Make sure to watch the video on my blog, it‘s fun to see ramiro move and express himself with this whole body. EnJOY.  

This is where you can find ramiro:


Things that we mentioned in this episode:

BaZi 8 elements system

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