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Christina talks about how to live your life artfully

Feb 11, 2022

Christina and I met in a mastermind group years ago and have been good friends ever since. Christina really creates her life and her reality and just listening to her you can feel the piece of art that her life is. We talk about how Christina’s every day looks like with her work and her family, how she brings joy and art into every moment and how she deals with challenges like lack of motivation. Enjoy this dive into a life full of bliss and take away loads of inspiration to create YOUR life the way you want it to be. 

Christina says, that it’s about bringing something artful into everything, for example a branch in the forest: „Nobody could paint them more beautifully than nature“ or if Christina cooks something, she asks herself: „How can I prepare this food, so that it looks like art?“

Christina is a choreographer and dancer, a dance and yoga teacher, and a visual artist.
“I created a life where I can give my inner artist all the space that it wants and I try to use that in every situation, to be the creator of my own reality, of my own life as a painting.  That really brings me joy, that illuminates my soul, it makes my heart beat just to be aware with all the senses. I created my life around all that”.

“Living artfully is the connection to your creative force, to feel that in every moment and to know that you just channel for this life force and you can create whatever you want with that”, Christina

If you follow Christina on Instagram, you’re in for a treat. Dancing in the forest… dancing in the snow… It’s a soulful beauty that you encounter in her posts. I love it!  

I ask Christina, how she brings joy into her everyday life? What her rituals and habits are.

Christina says that life challenged her early on to take care of her health. It started with skin problems and many challenges throughout her body: “I had to look at what brings me in resonance with my highest form. I realized that to be able to channel that creative energy, I had to be the purest form possible. I don’t want to wake up with a headache so I really have to take care of the temple that I have, to be in the purest form. So whatever comes through me has a clear channel, that’s why leading a mindful life is very important to me”, Christina explains.

Christina morning routine looks like this:

  • Alarm goes at 5am
  • Lemon water with ginger
  • Moving practice
  • Meditation
  • Prepare breakfast for her children
  • Drink a smoothie and a green tea around 10am -“I wait until hunger arrives”
  • Have a quick round in the forest, 10 – 15 minutes

„I try to really go with the flow, I’m not thinking. I let my breath and my movement lead me. It’s like a clearing for me, I can process all the emotions that are inside of me, I have insights, I have clear ideas what I want to create for my next steps, that always comes to me when I’m moving. Moving my body is so liberating for me, that’s when I feel freedom, when I can move my body”, Christina

“To be very in tune with seasons and nature to keep the vehicle as clean as possible. The more green I can consume, the better I feel”, Christina

Christina’s days are very different. Monday through Friday, everyday has a different schedule with coaching, teaching, rehearsals, painting…

Christina says that she tried to only focus on one thing for a time and stop doing other things, but that just wasn’t for her. She found out with Human Design (links for more information about that are below) that she’s a Manifesting Generator (same as me : )), which is in line with working on several things.

I think things like Human Design are great. You learn about yourself but you can still do whatever you want. It shows you what’s possible. Be open and curious and check it out. : )

Christina further explains that sometimes, when the other person reflects something that we don’t like, we get triggered and we get disappointed. These systems (eg. Human Design) make it clearer for yourself how you function, how you think, why you are who you are, why you react the way you do, why other people react the way they do.

“I also help all my relationships that I have, if I’m clear on how I’m doing this. Maybe there is a really old wound acting, maybe it’s just my inner child that is rebelling based on that old wound. If I know that, if I can see that, I can instantly heal it and then maybe next time I meet this other person, I’m not triggered anymore, because I already looked at my wound. I think all these systems are so fascinating because we go deeper and deeper into who we are”, Christina says.

If you learn about yourself, you can accept yourself. It’s an acceptance that is so helpful because then you can choose freely.

„It’s like a permission to be yourself“, Christina

Christina adds: “All these systems give you a deep understanding that you are meant to be how you are and that you can crystallize that more, so that you are really living your highest potential and not just a copy of someone that you admire”.

„Choosing you in every moment, that’s again a choice“, Ronja

We talk about the things that don’t come easy to us (like moving in my case…) or things that we simply don’t like (like laundry in both our cases : ))

„Not everybody is a natural mover“, Christina

Christina says that when she feels like just lying on the sofa and cuddling under the blanket, she always thinks about how she’ll feel afterwards: “That’s my motivator number one, I just want to feel great. When I make the first step on the mat, then I’m there, then I don’t want to go back”.

“It’s amazing how much can shift in just 10 minutes”, Christina  

In our family Ken does the laundry and Christina says that her daughter folds the clothes, because that’s something she likes doing. Delegating to people who actually enjoy whatever you don't like to do, that is the greatest thing. Then you can even get energy from their work because it sparks over.

“Delegating is such an important thing and delegating to people that love doing it, that’s simply beautiful”, Ronja

We continue with our journey through Christina’s day.

“How I live my day is how I live my life, there’s so much truth in that”, Ronja

“Wherever I am, I like to create beauty around me”, Christina

It can be: Essential oil for a nice scent, flowers, candles, tea, get some different energy from going on walks and breathing fresh air…

“Nature brings me so much joy. Everything I create is inspired by nature”, Christina

In the evenings Christina eats dinner with her whole family. They are all vegan, so they enjoy a lot of salads, soups, vegetables baked in the oven, potatoes… „The simpler, the more we like it“, Christina says smiling. “I don’t cook by recipe, normally I just throw things together and arrange it nicely, that’s the most beautiful. Food becomes art - again”.

Color, flavor, aroma, texture, all these aspects of food are so important.

“I can imagine that the higher we vibrate, the less dense food we need. I feel it intensely when I eat dense food, my energy is totally different. I think that attention is growing more and more in our society”, Christina says.  

As the day is coming to an end, Christina has an evening routine: “I always have a shower in the evening, because I feel like I need to wash off all the energy from my body. That’s another cleaning part for me to set myself up for a calm night. If I don’t shower, I’m energized too much, it’s like I have little animals on me that keep me awake. The water is so healing for me”.

Christina also likes to read – even if it’s just one page – and doing a quick meditation before or after that. She just sits in her bed and says the phrase: „I’m connected with source and my highest self”.

“I feel like I’m connected with a high point and I feel like there’s a golden shower over me, I also feel like it’s almost a different state that I’m in. I feel exactly when I’m in this Gamma state, whatever it is, and when I’m out. Maybe I have a question that I want to be answered, maybe I just want to transform an energy like anger, when I’m in this golden shower it’s immediately gone. It’s just me connecting with myself”.

I ask Christina how she came to live her life so mindful and joyful and her simple yet wonderful answer is: “It was my inner calling that pushed me because otherwise I felt sad and things just didn’t feel in alignment and I didn’t want to feel like that”.

“Listen to your calling, if you don’t hear anything, quiet your mind and start listening to what’s important to you”, Ronja  

“Don’t be scared that your plan could fall apart, because the next door only opens when we have the courage to make the first step. Just start and something will definitely open. Your little mind is not able to see the complexity to what would be possible, only your soul can feel that. Your mind is limited to the experiences that it already made and it’s not possible to see all the connections that are possible once you make the first step”, Christina says and adds: “You are the artist of your life. You can paint it every day. Maybe you paint it with green today and then you feel like „mmh, that doesn’t feel right, I think I have to try blue“, and that’s not the end of the world. Nothing is set in stone; you create your life every day and this is what humanity has to learn now. To get out of this victim hood that we’ve been in too long and get back into what you as a human being are truly capable of”.

And with these words we end another wonderful conversation full of great insights. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did!

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Resources we mentioned in the podcast:

Human Design
Jenna Zoe

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