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Relationships are easy

Jun 01, 2022

Relationships are EASY! Do you agree? Do you harshly disagree?

I’m glad I have your attention and I can tell you that relationships really get easier and easier when you realize that YOU are the only person you have to be responsible for. Taking full responsibility for your words, your actions, your feelings, your wishes and your needs.

That’s the key for easy, fun, loving and deep relationships.

If you think “Go away, Ronja, you are such a snob!” that’s ok!

Let’s take it easy and I read a part of the relation-ship-chapter out of my book “The Joy Compass, written for women and men” to you, ok?

It’s two books in one. One book is addressed to men. The other one is for women.

I know, it’s not inclusive to talk to people in heterosexual relationships only, but I decided to write this book for them, because I can only give my advice from my straight perspective and I think the world will become a better place, when men and women stop fighting the differences and really respect and trust eachother without games and all the baggage of the expectations of society, family and the group of friends you are in.

If you are from the LGBTQ+ community, please know that I honor all relationships deeply. You can get inspiration from my book for sure, but be aware that I only use the pronouns she/her/hers and he/him/his. Thank you so much for your understanding.

So, in the Podcast I’ll read the relationship-part of the men's book to you. If you want to read the women’s part and the whole book, you can get it HERE or if you look up Ronja Sakata in your favorite online store, you will find the book immediately. Thank you Mister Sakata for my unique last name. I had the second most common name before getting married, so I couldn’t resist and change my name : ).



PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those blissful moments throughout your week and print the Joy Cards to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or lantern post. : )

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