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Do you have (enough) fun?

Oct 01, 2021

I have a big question for you : ) What does FUN mean to you?

In the Joy Academy a client wrote about this «issue» that she lacks fun and want to find it again. As you know me, I’m a big fan of CREATING a feeling rather than looking for it. Creating FUN is so much more empowering, than waiting for it. We can decide ourselves when and how much we want to focus on the creation of fun (or any other feeling you desire!).

Today we enter the last quarter of this year and I think we deserve some fun in our every day life, right? So let’s find out first and foremost, what FUN means for you personally.

You know, when Ken and Mika giggle and laugh and squeel over throwing whipped cream in the air from the back of their hands and trying to catch the fluffy foam with their mouth, I’m out of the kitchen within seconds. This is NOT fun to me and I find it sooo stupid to throw food around. BUUUUT it’s not my business to be the party pooper for them, especially because Ken is the mister superclean. So if they would cover everything in grease I don’t have to worry a second, that the kitchen will look perfect after they finish their throwing challenges.

Fun for me is hanging out with 20 friends in a mountain cabin after Christmas with drinking games, music, laughing and great food, maybe hiking or skiing or just sitting in the sun and enjoy being together.
Fun for me is also sliding down every slide on every playground I walk by.
Fun for me is throwing sticks for Fredi the dog and watching him running with his flapping ears.
Fun for me is lifting rocks and stones and sand aside, so that we create a new little stream within the riverbed.
Fun for me is eating yummy dinner in the living room with popcorn on top of everything and watching an animated movie with my family in Japanese.

I don’t like jokes (in 99% of the time), I’m rarely laughing in a comedy-show and I don’t like pranks… at all. Am I boring? Well Ken and Mika sometimes moan: «Mama is booooring!» : ) I’m fine with that. They can do whatever they want and take full responsibility for their fun.

My point? I want to invite YOU to think about what’s fun for YOU! This delicious feeling, which bubbles up in your body and maybe makes you laugh or maybe SMILE or you just feel so, so, sooo alive!

Is Fun different from JOY? Wikidiff ( says: "The difference between joy and fun is that joy is a feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation of something good while fun is amusement, enjoyment or pleasure."

I’m just climbing out of a rabbit hole of researching the difference between joy and fun…happiness is also appearing lots of times. Please google it too…or don’t : ) because:
Other people's thoughts, philosophies and opinions are wonderful, BUT in the end….my take is as always: YOU have to find it out for YOURSELF!

That’s my highest value in the Joy Academy, that I never tell you: This is how it works, you have to do it THIS way, THEN you will find success or the result. NO! Every wonderful member in the Joy Academy is different, you are different and one of a kind of a unique human being. YOU know yourself best and all the tools and tricks, the methods and meditations serve you for finding out, what and how you want to do things.

What is fun to you? What makes you laugh, squeal and feel that bubbly fun feeling inside of you?

Write it down. Yes, you know me, I’m the biggest fan of journaling… extra points for handwritten lists. Do fun things for yourself and others every single day… that can be something simple like putting a picnic blanket on the kitchen floor and playing picnic. If you have the possibility to go outside, please do this… it doesn’t have to be Sunday for fun things, it can be embedded in your every day life.

Will you tag me in your fun-posts with @joyismycompass? I will proudly repost!
Do you write me your fun activities in a DM? (I’m sooo not good in answering emails… )

I wish you a wonderful start into October. Make it a month to remember. The month of FUN and carry this momentum into the rest of 2021.

You’ve got this! We’ve got this.

Lots of love to you! Thank you for being on this journey through life with me.


PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )


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