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The key for a more fun life is to have more fun in life!

Nov 09, 2023

It really is THAT simple, although I’m perfectly aware that this doesn’t mean that it can be easily done.

Can you remember a situation from your life where you were bathing in feelings of joy and fun?

Like when you were on a walk with your best friend and both of you suddenly started to giggle and couldn’t stop.

Or when you were observing a sparrow taking a bath in a puddle and it just looked so cute and funny.

Or when you turned up the music and had a dance party in your living room.

There are so many opportunities each day to experience joy and yet more often than not we as adults have unlearned how to have fun.

If you find this to be the case in your life, I have two questions for you: when did you stop being spontaneous and having fun without a special occasion or without having to go to a comedy show (although that is of course perfectly fine, if you enjoy that sort of entertainment! : )), and what felt fun and joyous before that?

Most of us are taught that life is dead-serious and that we better treat it that way or else we won’t make it in this dead-serious world.

But I like to imagine how all our lives would look like if everybody had more fun instead of putting a serious face on, and I invite you to do the same.

  • Let’s enjoy ourselves and our lives more.
  • Let’s cheer out of joy swinging on a swing.
  • Let’s laugh with each other.
  • Let’s dance in the rain.
  • Let’s live true to ourselves and true to what brings us joy, fun and lightness.

It’s time to have more fun by doing the things that YOU enjoy. And no, they don’t have to be “big” or “different,” they can be things you’re already doing but changing them just a bit so that you can truly enjoy your day-to-day life more.

Are you in? Head over to this blog article and find out how you can have more fun in your life, starting today.

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