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The world, our world needs more magic!

Apr 01, 2022

The world, our world needs more magic! 

Do you agree?

When times are scary and unsettling we need more magic in our head and soul, but also in our normal everyday to-do‘s at work and at home, so that we experience lightness, relief, an inside smile, the feeling of taking the power back and so much more good stuff!

What are you talking about, Ronja?

I’m talking about flying on dragons, getting advice from your future best self, meeting your spirit animal, gaining energy and clarity…

This sounds amazing and CRAZY! But how?

Guided meditations!

Meditation is not boring?

No, definitely not! It‘s like story time as a kid and you get to see the images of the story like a 4D movie in your head. Yes, and without any drugs or other substances.

So I need to sit in a quiet room with candle light and have this chanting music playing?

Well, having a quiet space really helps to fully fly away with your thoughts. Candle light and music are totally optional : ).

Ok and what is the benefit of me sitting there and you telling me about dragons and other animals?

I think of a workshop, where we come together on zoom, so that you can try several meditations at one time and then use these images to enrich and empower your daily life.

You just sound like a crazy person.

I know, I am witchier than you might have known so far… but hey, if you meet your spirit animal in a beautiful meditation, you can have your lion with you at the office, when you walk home, in train stations and airports. You feel protected AND as you feel protected, you have that radiance of confidence and THIS has an impact on everyone around you.

You have too much of an imagination!

It’s not only me! I have so many coaching clients and members of the Joy Academy, who tell me about the benefit of having your animal or even animals…a full zoo…with you. It‘s fun, it‘s free and it makes you feel good. I mean… helloooo! And on top of that you can keep it a secret and everybody is wondering: WHAT is different with her? What changed about him? What is it, that they have all of a sudden?

So, what else is happening at this workshop you are planning?

We‘ll visit the best version of you in the future and you can figure out what your next best and most important step is right now by talking to YOU in let‘s say 10 years.

Time travelling is possible too? You are insane!

Yes, kind of! It‘s again magic, fun and such a gooood feeling to meet YOU and get advice from YOU and not from somebody outside of you. 

Yess, that‘s about it, oh, wait, I have something else I want to teach you, but that remains a secret. I can guarantee you‘ll have more magic in your everyday life after this workshop forever!

Ok, I‘m in, where can I sign up?

You are the first who hears this, so there is not a signup page yet. But you can write an email to [email protected] and tell me that you want all the information. I‘ll send you the details asap!

Oh and the dragons and underwater tours and visits to other planets you are talking about in your podcast? What about that?

Thank you for reminding me! These meditations will be available as a download bundle. I’ll give you instructions via audio and then off we fly and create magic in our lives.

Are you in? Write an email to Fiona, my world best assistant [email protected] and tell her, if you want to attend the workshop or buy the meditation bundle…or both! There will be a special package price for sure. Wohooo, I can’t wait!

Have a great start to the new month!

PS: In the Joy Academy we welcome the new month in meditation too. The magic about that is, that your month appears as a person, as a being or a fairytale figure. All month long you can have a conversation with your month, let her or him or them call the manager : ) if everything goes wrong and say thank you for all the things that go right.

If you want to meet your month and get a thousand times more magic, join the Joy Academy today. During the 12 months you will let go of the things that aren’t serving you and change from the inside out, so you can create the magical life YOU want to live and experience more joy every single day.


PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those blissful moments throughout your week and print the Joy Cards to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or lantern post. : )

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