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A new, fun habit for you

Sep 01, 2021

September 2021 is here and we have a brand new month ahead of us, how exciting to look out for 30 days of possibilities and wonderful moments. YOU are in charge of your life and your time, isn’t that the BEST?

From now on every month has a topic and we create magic together, are you in?
Let’s focus on our HABITS in September and not just in a boring disciplined way, nooooo, you know me. : ) Let’s create a new exciting, superfun or super challenging new habit for 30 days! What could be your challenge? Something in the food department? Sports? Learning to sing a song, playing the xylophone? ANYTHING which is thrilling to you.

Watch the video for more stories and ideas or listen to today’s podcast-episode for the kick-off of this HABITS-month. Always at the first of the month the new video and the new podcast will be live on Youtube and all the podcast-channels. Listen here on Spotify or itunes. (Thank you so much for your review, it means the world to me!)

For me, my September challenge has to be sportive, because I’m just the most lazy person… I could lay and sit around all day and just don’t move. (not so smart, I know… ) Sooo I will do a PLANK-challenge. Inspired by Jesse Itzler and Sylvia Saw McKaige. Jesse did a month of running the same amount of miles as the date of the day: First day - 1 mile, second day - 2 miles and so on. So I will do this with minutes and PLANKS, like I saw Sylvia doing it some months ago. This is totally crazy and way out of my comfort zone, but absolutely doable AND challenging.

Do you join me? Yes? Absolutely NOT? : ) : ) At day 30, I will probably not do 30min in a row, but in portions over the day. So in total it will be 30min...just for your information. : )

But hey, as always in my Joy Universe: YOU decide what you want to do. You know what brings you joy and excitement! I am super curious what you will choose. Please tag me in your instagram-posts with @joyismycompass if you share your inspiring challenge with the world.

You can download a beautiful tracker for our September here and use it every day. Maybe you even buy cool or cute stickers and stick them into the squares? I will for sure make my tracker beautiful!

Download the tracker, print & fill it out and just START today. You don’t sign any contract, you are free to continue or to quit, you do YOU. You decide how to spend your time every single day and I am super honored that you are here with me, reading this email and watching the video (link)! Thank you and please tell me about your personal challenge on instagram. I will post stories and posts daily at If you tag me, I’ll repost your story with pride!

Happy September, let’s make it the best month ever… just because we can!

Lots of JOY


PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )


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