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Maintaining your energy when the world is scared

Jul 22, 2020

In this roundtable, we talk about how to maintain our energy and our sense of joy within ourselves and our households, so that we can manage our energy whatever the circumstances are.

Andi grew up in (cold) Switzerland and moved with her american husband and their two sons to (sunny) California 3 years ago. : ) Andi was an elementary school teacher in Switzerland and is now a german teacher for children and adults.
Leanne from British Colombia in Canada is a mental health counselor that does trauma work. She offers counselations for parents who had infants in an intensive care unit so that they can share the love and light that they deserve.

«I‘m feeling grateful for being of service», Leanne

Darrin from Grand Junction, Colorado owns an off road car company with his brother, he‘s a business delevoping coach and also does high performance coachings. He enjoys personal development stuff and is excited about this topic.

«We can choose joy everytime», Ronja

Leanne initiated this topic because she felt a lot of fear-based energy around her and was wondering how we can figure out how to manage that energy and help ourselves and others.

Andi is currently doing two courses that help to get more in touch with the intuition and gut feeling. One course is from Joe Dispenza where he talks about how you can change your reality to another reality. There is a practice, where you imagine yourself as complete black darkness, to learn to be away from your body and from your personality, to be in a state of being and consciousness without looking into the future or the past. Taking up a new practice can guide you through difficult times.

«Start to learn being in the present moment and to have different thoughts», Andi

Leanne adds, that when you‘re triggered by something but you don‘t really know what it is, having the awareness of self allows you to grow through it.

«Sense of being aware of your perspective and awareness in any given moment», Leanne

You always have the choice to crumble and say I‘m out and I can‘t handle it anymore or to say what do I want to do now. Learning something new and focusing on something you want and not on what‘s happening to you gives you a release because you realise, that you can do something (about it).

Andi adds, that sometimes it‘s good though to admit that you‘re going through a down time and to allow difficult times.

«Self care is a huge component, when you start feeling that things are pulling you down», Andi

That self care could be anything that you could do, when you‘re feeling down like talking to someone or going for a walk.

Darrin says that he started to say «no» more often, because time is more precious now (spring 2020). He has been trying to shield and distance himself from negative people. «I believe that the future will be bright and that things are going to work out». In times of struggle he likes to be with his family or just play the guitar for a bit. With his gift of making people feel better, he sometimes feels called to give up some of that peace to give something back.

«There are times when we give a lot and when we connect and there are times when we retreat and recharge our energy», Andi

I learned a mindset thing with an english healer, where you imagine yourself like the sun. The sun doesn‘t care if there is one person or a thousand persons, it just shines. With this mindset you don‘t feel exhausted, even if someone is feeling negative, it doesn‘t concern you, you can just shine on. Maybe the other person is annoyed by that or happy that he or she can get good vibes from you. When you imagine that you‘re like the sun, you don‘t pick up other energy, you just radiate your own energy.

«It‘s a dance of giving and taking. Even in one day you can change like five times», Ronja

Leanne says that she feels an energetic shift where we are called to ask ourselves, which direction we are going to go. With each phase of the moon and the sun, we have the choice to grow or not. The most important thing for her is that we communicate, with ourselves and with others. Communicate with yourself to find out what you need, to connect with your inner self, communicate with others to tell them how you‘re feeling, to ask about how they are feeling…

Recently I was communicating a lot with people that I met for the first time, because of a free tool that I offered in my facebook group. It was so fun. Sometimes I feel like I live in a parallel Universe. I don‘t feel the negativity, I feel so many good things going on and good things that are happening and I‘m also giving a lot to my community. Find out what you need for yourself and also communicate with your body. Yesterday I had the house full with four kids but I really needed a nap. I told them in a clear way, that that was what I needed and afterwards I felt refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. They aren‘t very young and if something had happened I still would‘ve been there, but nevertheless I listened to myself and took what I needed at that moment. It can also be something small like taking a nice deep breath or consicously feeling the breeze of the wind on your skin.  

Andi says that it‘s hard for a lot of people, because our minds always want to know the future and to know where we‘re going and right now (spring 2020) we don‘t have that security.

«We are forced to accept, I am living in this moment and only this moment exists right now, what do I have this moment, what am I grateful for this moment, what is good for me this moment, how can I feel positive energy this moment. If you can live this and train your brain to do this, every single moment, you‘re going to be in a very good place, you don‘t have to know the future», Andi

«You‘re planting the seeds for the future, when you take care of yourself in any given moment. You give yourself the opportunity to be an even better version of yourself in the future because you learn and grow through difficult moments», Leanne

I really love to be in this moment, but in the meantime I also love to have a future vision, even though I sometimes ask myself will that happen or will that even be possible. No matter where you are in life right now, please try to envision your future, ask yourself what you want and what you can change right now to make it better. I think it‘s helpful to have a vision while you are practicing to be in the moment, that‘s a good combination.

«That‘s what high performance is. Having clarity of what you want and then doing great habits while you are in the now», Ronja

Leanne asks about our first steps to create a goal or a dream in hard times and Darrin tells us about the 6 phase meditation by Vishen Lakhiani that he does every single morning. It‘s guided and walks you through the steps and it‘s all about being grateful. Darrin says that it‘s his favourite time of the morning. After that he writes in his journal about his goals, what he wants to achieve and where he‘ll be in three years time.

«Try out a lot of different things to find out what is good for you and what works for you», Darrin

Leanne says that when she has a big goal, she tries to break it down to do something for it every day. «You are the expert on you». Whenever somebody tells you something, take it with grains of salt and then create your own vision.

Andi adds that whenever she started to really dream about something, those dreams seemed to be really far out, not only moneywise, but also stepwise, like where even start? She says: «I don‘t know what steps to take and what I have to do, I just know that it‘s my dream. I keep it in my heart and connect it with a positive feeling. At the same time, I try to feel everyday what is the right thing to do today, to step closer to the dream».

«It‘s not just me saying I have this dream and trying to figure out how to get there, it‘s me putting the dream out there in the Universe, connecting my feeling with the dream and having the Universe helping me get there», Andi

I love my tiny apartment but my dream house is really big and I‘ll have a lot of staff around. I don‘t need another house in between, I celebrate our apartment with which I‘m so in touch, we often change things up and make it even more beautiful. I could be desperate to be in a bigger house, but instead I enjoy what I have now and dream of what I‘ll have in the future. Create your life now so that you like it and think about how you can change things that you don‘t like. Move the furniture, repaint a wall, buy flowers, plant something nice in your garden or on your balcony, whatever lights up your heart.

«I think we‘re lucky that mother earth is so diverse and that she let‘s us bring her inside», Leanne

Darrin says that you also have to be careful about what you visualize and what you dream about. One of his dreams was to be a pilot and all of the sudden all the things were falling into place. But he thought about this for years and years and years and now was the time.

«It‘s important that we use our brain alongside of what we‘re wishing for», Darrin

As you are more and more in line with yourself, things are manifesting really quick. That‘s what I like about manifesting and the law of attraction, there is a gap between wishing and manifesting. Be thankful for this gap, it means that you can cancel negative thoughts without having them manifested. : )

Darrin says that life is difficult but that he is holding himself accountable every single day.

«I know my gift is to give to other people and to make other people feel better, even when I want to just hide away from the world. It‘s a constant process of evolving and growing. It‘s a lot of work but it‘s also a big reward», Darrin

«Find out what‘s good for you and how you can take care of yourself, because then it doesn‘t matter how crazy the world around you is. If you know how to communicate with you and with the people around you, you‘ll be good even in hard times», Ronja

Darrin says that he updates the list, that he writes every morning, with the things that he has learned the previous day. It‘s up to us to do it, no one is going to do it for us. We have to hold ourselves accountable. We have to look at what we do ourselves.

«We have to ask ourselves constantly: Am I adding value to what I‘m doing, am I doing the best that I can. I can‘t judge anybody else, I can only judge myself», Darrin

«Comparing us with others is poison for our brains, but comparing ourselves with our future self brings us closer to it», Ronja

Darrin gets up at 4.30 every morning, because that‘s what he wants to do and that‘s what he enjoys. That‘s not for everybody, but he knows what is good for him and that‘s exactly the key: Knowing what is good for YOU, to create the best circumstances for YOU.

Andi wonders, why some of the things she wishes for are manifesting and others are not. It could mean that it‘s just not the right time yet or that there is something better waiting. Darrin replies that we simply don‘t know the timeline of the Universe…

«We could talk about all the why‘s, but let‘s just do it. Like a computer game, you need certain skills to get to the next level», Ronja

We end this talk with a money visualisation, that Andi does. She pictures two huge tubes coming out of the Universe, one on the left and one on the right side. The money is just raining down and piling up all around her in a constant flow. This gives her a feeling of security and as she at the same time imagines giving the money away for bills, for the groceries, to support other people and much more, a beautiful cycle is created.

«Feeling safe and secure while picturing this every day is the key to it», Andi

You can watch our conversation here:

Resources we talked about:


  • Joe Dispenza
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Bo Eason

Tools & Apps:

  • 6 phase meditation by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Om Vana App


  • «Der Wunschfänger-Engel», Bärbel Mohr (only in German)

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