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It’s like implanting a monkey's lung into a human body…

Mar 29, 2023

Andy and Tinu said: „Ronja & Ken, this is our wedding gift, because you met underneath the cherry blossom trees. It’s a Japanese pink cherry blossom tree aaaand we added one branch of a Swiss tree with white blossoms. We did our best, but it’s a crazy experiment like implanting the lung of a monkey into a human body. On top of that it‘s not at all the ideal time for this tree to get out of the soil in February. So don‘t take it as a symbol for your marriage, if the tree does not bloom in white and pink or not make it at all through spring, ok?“

Ok 😄!

It's not really possible, they said... So you can guess... of course it worked: The tree is blooming every year in the garden of my parents house (where I will build our dream house into the barn) and there are always some branches with white blossoms!! This makes me sooo happy.


I always trusted my gut, that with this man, my life will be full of fun, adventures and unexpected moments!

We got married „too young“ and „too quick“ as I already told you but there is no guarantee for anything anyway, so we “said yes” and exchanged our supermarket rings with lots of trust in our deep connection and the fact that we‘ll figure it out.  

We got married knowing that we don‘t NEED each other to make us happy. We are not „the better half“ of each other. We don‘t make each other whole! We are very independent blossoms on the same tree which grows and prospers every year more and more. It's a blast to be in Team Sakata forever. 

Now 22 years later walking underneath these cherry blossom trees in JAPAN right now, they seem double, triple, quadrillion times more beautiful because of this journey and all the memories we’ve made which started back then in Takatsuki!

What makes me super super happy too is that my best friend of 30 years - Gian - visited me 22 years ago and he was the first of my Swiss friends who met Ken. He attended our wedding in 2003 and then went off to work in South America, then in Hong Kong and now he lives in Tokyo with his Japanese wife. He is the godfather of Mika and it’s always so special to spend time together. Ken and Gian became besties within one evening 22 years ago and I love to see and feel the love between my two favorite men bloom.

I love to spend time with humans where the connection is deep and has big roots AND which feels light, loving and easy. My time on this planet is precious. I am spending it wisely. I decluttered all draining, toxic or difficult relationships in my life. Sorry not sorry, no time for that. I’d rather spend my time alone than with someone who drains my energy or my peace.

No, I don’t want to brag here. I want to invite you to get crystal clear on who deserves YOUR time. Yes, YOU are the most important person in your life. The relationship with yourself can become the most beautiful love story ever and the more you love yourself the more lovely people show up! Hint, hint, join the Joy Academy and feel the wonderful big and little shifts and changes within you.

Energy matches energy. So the next time you are super drained after a date you might ponder if this relationship is worth your time? And on the contrary look out for the people where you feel uplifted, nourished and joyful when you meet and afterwards. If you have any questions or comments concerning this topic, hit reply. 


Aaand if you want some cherry blossom tree moments, watch this youtube video I made 6 years ago. The subtitles are in German, but you’ll get the point with the images/footage anyway. One of my favorite things is that Japanese people take off their shoes to sit on the picnic blanket! Hanami (watching the blossoms) and picnics are a BIG thing to do during spring.

You’ll see Gian and us three at Meguro river in downtown Tokyo, enjoying the street food and the illuminated blossoms. The second half of the video is in Kyushuu, which is in the south of Japan where my father in law's siblings and their families live.

We ran into a spring-fertility-asking for a good harvest-dance-group which got interviewed and recorded for national TV. They did their festive dance for us once more. It’s based on the legend of a couple who prepared offerings to the gods & godesses for fertility and greedy neighbors ate those offerings. The fox-god came down to earth to take revenge. First Mika was scared of the fox-mask. “Kowai desuka” means “Are you afraid?” Later she wore it herself. Have a look and click, if you want to : ). The commercial in the end is from my “old business”. I still offer this Japanese online course taught in Swiss German…if you need Japan-Tips in English, let me know. I might have something for you.

Happy spring if you are on this side of the world and happy fall for all the people in the southern hemisphere.

Sending you lots of love from wonderful, colorful, busy Tokyo


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