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Deeply in L❤️VE - with Japan

Apr 19, 2023

Which country on this beautiful planet is just your BIG love? Maybe it’s a city? Or a special spot in the middle of nowhere?

I think it’s really wonderful to think about this: WHERE is my special place? Also where do I want to live? Where do I love to spend time? Where do I feel HOME? 

On our trip through Japan I watch all these tiny villages and cities passing by the window and I imagine myself as a little moving dot on this earth, the blue & green ball which is cruising through the Universe itself. Isn’t it MIND BLOWING that we are HERE?

It’s also mind blowing to me that I’m on the other side of that ball in my favorite country away from home. I think I would need to walk the distance to really understand it „in my body“ that I AM IN JAPAN? After 3 weeks here it still feels dreamy.

I looooove our time here so, so much. I love walking on this land, I love speaking the language, I love the houses, I love the food (even though I need some Italian “therapy food” every week : )) I loooove the people. Everybody. The lady at the cash register of the convenience store, the young smiley server in the restaurant, the ferry captain and of course my friends and family.

And while I’m here experiencing all these places where people live their lives, I ponder how my first and forever roots are in that little Swiss village I grew up in. From ALL places on this planet THAT is my home. And I think of my amazing husband who decided to leave his country to build his future in Switzerland. I’m beyond grateful for this! (He just reaffirmed to me yesterday that he is very happy with his decision. Lucky me!)

What’s also a very deep realization I feel in every bone of my body while traveling: I take myself with me wherever I go. I am HOME within ME. That’s the trick. I don’t need to be in the village I grew up in or in Zurich to feel home. I am home wherever I go.

Getting corny over here? A bit too cheesy? : ) : ) : )

I know you can deal with this : ) and I hope you are thinking about YOU! You are the most important person in your life. Your thoughts and feelings matter the most. You are your HOME <3

Now, back to my Japanlove : ) but wait, I have a present for you.

Did you know that my business before “Joy is my compass” was Japan related? I offered a monthly live event with food and Japan tips and tricks for having the best travel experience ever. I also built (and still offer) a Japanese learning online course (taught in Swiss German) because everybody asked for it, even though my language skills are not at all perfect. “But you can explain it so that I understand and I’m motivated to learn”. That convinced me!

I also wrote a book in German with all my travel tips for enjoying Japan to the fullest and not feeling like an alien.

Why am I telling you all this? Because 5 years ago I booked a wonderful English lady who translated the Japan-book to English! And then I switched my business to “Joy is my compass” and I didn’t want to confuse my not yet existing international clients with two rather different topics from the start.

On Monday I all of a sudden remembered that this book-pdf is still somewhere on my dropbox… aaand that maybe some of you are intrigued to learn more about Japan? To look even further behind the scene?

So I decided to give it to you, just because it’s fun and who knows how it will influence your future travel plans? : ) It for sure has some typos and the information is not updated to today's status quo. Because the book rather focuses on timeless advice than where the top shot cafe is (you heard about that last week : )). It’s a personal present from me to you. If you want to have it, signup for the Joy-mail at or with the form below and send me an email saying “Japanbook” and you will get the link from me directly. Deal?

Curious what you say about the book and the favorite country- HOME and roots-conversation. Feel free to send an email to hello(@) : ) I‘m always super happy to hear from you!

Lots of loooove from my HOME to yours,



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