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“Miss Muuuuller!!! I’m tiiiired!“

Jul 19, 2023

All of my life I wanted to become a primary school teacher. I remember playing school with my mother and my one year old sister when I was four and I told my mom that I’ll write the number ONE on her “reports” instead of the check-mark, because I didn’t know how to draw that. Her face lit up with a wide smile and she kindly told me that she can show me how to draw a ✔. I felt soooo accomplished.

When my scout leader/friend who was a young primary teacher asked me if I wanted to accompany them on their school trip when I was 16 I was thrilled. That would be the perfect experience for me to learn more about my dream job. My name was Miss Müller and I got introduced to these little humans before we took off.

Swiss school trips always include public transportations and a hike. Lunch was roasted sausages (no vegans in 1995) on a campfire and then playing in the woods. My friend always did the same three routes: In first grade it was a little hike to a very cool mystical place called “Devils basement” in the woods, in second grade we did a slightly longer hike to a pond and in third grade we did my favorite tour.

First: Train to Zurich. During the short ride a boy told me he needed to go to the toilet. I told him, there is one in every coach. “WHAT? Are there toilets on trains??” Yes my dear : ). Then he came back running: “THERE IS A HOLE IN THE TOILET AND EEEEEVERYTHING FALLS DOWN!!! EEEEVERYTHING!!!!” I will never ever forget his excitement! The whole class ran to the toilet to have a look. Most of these kids of a suburb of Zurich never rode a train before. “You know, Miss Muller, we have a car and that's why we never use the train.” And yes, nowadays we have closed toilet systems too ; ) besides some old train coaches on mountain routes.

The next absolute highlight (if you know me, this is still and forever my highlight every time I’m on deck) was a boat ride on lake Zurich.

Next: Postbus ride. My friend's goal: Show them all the different public transportation possibilities. The twisting road led us up and up the mountain and they could see Zurich and the lake and their amazement was so wonderful. From the top of that mountain/hill near my home village we hiked to a wooden lookout. That was one of my childhood's Sunday hikes (which I hated sooo much : )).

Now I loved it with these squeaky fun bunch of kiddies. We made fire, roasted sausages, and the girl in white brand new jeans got some easy scout advice from my friend: “Old trick, Malinda, never wear white in the woods : ).” and we did some running and singing games.

There were more highlights : ) hiking was not the favorite thing of these kiddies, but the little lake I learned swimming in “Türlersee” with some muddy clayey soil to build some sculptures and play in the water was another thing they usually don’t do. Getting dirty. Having TIME to just be and find out what would be cool to do next. Just blissful outdooring : ).

For 10 years I was the set company for these trips besides when I was in Japan. Even though in the meantime I found out that I don’t want to become a primary school teacher. Instead I started to study food science and did my license in teaching for that topic. When I was standing in front of my teenage students in the professional school for food technologists I always thought of these muddy little humans at the lake. These cool kids in my classroom were as little as them : ). Yes, I can be sentimental over thoughts like this and I love it. I think it’s a great point of view to look deeper and behind the curtain. To look into the past AND into the future. To see what they (any person you meet) bring with them from their experiences and life's challenges AND to see their full potential and uplift, encourage and support them to reach whatever dream they want to achieve.

I brought my experiences of teaching for 12 years to my dear and consciously created Joy Academy. I see you when you are my “student” there. I see you. Like in the AVATAR way. I honor your past (Did you have muddy legs while playing at the lake too?) I see you as you are TODAY and I certainly help you to hold the space for all your dreams. For your big, fat vision. You can be-do-have ANYTHING you want in your life. First you have to find out what that is. What do you really really want? And then build a plan and the mindset and habits to go there. Step by step while enjoying the path, the ride, the cruise. You have time. AND let’s make the most out of every day. The MOST in terms of joy, lightness and doing things you love, spending time with people you like.

You are creating YOUR life’s story every day. If you’d like me as your company to help you find the answers within you, join Joy Academy today. Go to and take the leap. I’m very much looking forward to sitting at the campfire with you!

Let’s make this world more joyful, playful & colorful.


PS: I found a pic from 1999 where we stayed overnight in tents at that look out place I told you about. A two day trip for the 3rd-graders who then went on to other teachers in newly mixed classes. It was so much fun to see these kiddies every year how they grew and changed and how much they appreciated this camp-adventure.


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