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The time machine is ready for boarding!

Jan 18, 2023

27 years ago we built a time machine. And every evening before bedtime 30 little cub scouts and 10 of our leading team traveled to another era. The next morning we changed the decoration in the house we were staying in for our camp, so that the little boys immersed fully in their fantasy for the adventures we’ve prepared for this day. It was a great week, I have many memories BUT the most magical thing was our time machine.

They all sat crowded together in darkness, then I entered the room dressed up as a scientist (that’s me 🙂with a hat and some glasses and a lab coat) we started the music… always the same song: Enigma - back to innocence and the light effects started and the disco ball was turning.

For the actual time machine I cut a wooden board into this star-shaped speed indicator like thing, with a huge switch which was standing on a table. While we were actually traveling through time, the stroboscope started! Wohooo, it was sooo amazing. Be aware this was before the internet for everyone, before playstation and smartphones…soooo our special effects were really impressive back in those days, I tell you! :) :) :) 

I have nooo idea why we chose enigma for our show, but hey, read the text: I loooove it!

 Be yourself don’t hide

Just believe in destiny.

Do you believe in destiny? Do you rather think everything is a coincidence? Do you love to imagine how things could be so incredibly different if you would have taken the other direction at the last crossroad?

I love a good mix of believing in some big plan, which include for example that I met Ken, my partner, my man, my love, the father of my kids (it’s plural because we are still wishing and hoping for more Sakata-babies). If I didn’t choose Food engineering as my study, if I didn’t go to Japan for my internship next to the chewing gum factory where Ken was working… I believe there would have been a different plan to get us together. I always imagine how “they” look down on planet earth checking in on us and moaning when we screw up big important steps but then they get back to the drawing board and figure out how they can bring you to that result in another way. 

That’s one part of my worldview. The second one is: I can choose, I am FREE, I am the director of my movie. I can say NO and I can say YES and my navigating system is my gut, my intuition and my feelings. Joy is my compass… does it bring me joy? Yes? Oh goood, so let’s go that way! 

One of my favorite tools to get to travel time and SEE and FEEL how the result of my decisions will look like is: “The future me meditation”. You get to choose which year you want to go to and you’ll meet your most amazing, gorgeous version of yourself in the future. She, he, they can show you around where they live, answer questions (sometimes they don’t spoiler things… which you have to find out yourself) and just be a very, very personal, loving, wonderful coach to you. 

This time machine has no disco ball but you could play Enigma’s song while doing the meditation for sure, right? : ) I have to do this asap. Just came to my mind : ) 

My future amazing Ronja in 10 years is an artist, musician  AND a coach AND the CEO of my thriving Joy-Business with the Joy Academy blooming and making millions with all her creativity. She’s also a mother of 3 (or 4…I always wanted 4 kids) and very happily married to Mister Sakata, living in her dreamhouse in the barn of the house she grew up in. 

So I better start with painting and illustrating, right? 

Here you go: The time machine scrap-book page this email is born from:

When you peek into the time machine, you’ll see the machine from 1996 still working its magic including the disco ball!

I had a looooot of fun drawing without any pencil lines. Just going with the flow. You see the little black star within the time letters was the start but then I decided to go pink only. 

You might wonder: “Where can I get this amazing future me-experience please? I’ll listen to enigma too, if I have to ; )...” I have a big hint for you. Go to amazon and my book “The Joy Compass”...when you go to the “look inside” feature you find the link for the download of the audio-book (yes, totally for free) and THERE I’ll lead you to the future me-meditation! 

If you find this annoyingly complicated, you can also hit reply to this email and we’ll send you the link to the meditation. I just looove a little treasure hunt : ) that’s why I prefer the plan above. And of course you can buy the book for yourself or your man or your woman at your side (because there are two books in one) and enjoy all the fun and joy and insights you’ll find about yourself within the book. 

I will talk to you soon with another story out of my scrapbook!

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