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Because of a Photoshoot!

Aug 23, 2023

„Eleshia, are you in for a photoshoot? With Bry, the brilliant and most wonderful photographer who came to the mountaincabin for a week to shoot me there!? There are two slots free in a gooorgeous house at the South coast of England!! Can I visit you in London? Can I stay for a week?“
Lucky meeeee! Eleshia said YES!

First we dragged our super heavy suitcases (stuffed with props and dresses and shoes and helloooo what else? 😳) through London to have a lunch DATE with all of the wonderful Penneys 😍 so that Eleshia could meet her new personal photographer. 

I told Eleshia that I’m 1000% sure she’ll fall in love too with these angel on earth people… and they clicked ✨🍀 ! I was sooo happy to see Alec and Bry again, after 3 years of not seeing us in person. They moved to the US after we waved goodbye in Zurich. Aaand we had the honor to meet little big Wolfie 🥰 for the first time.

Saying goodbye to Alec and Wolfie for who knows how long right after lunch sucked but it‘s just THE unavoidable downside of international friendships…😭🥲

Eleshia and I traveled to cute and pretty Bosham right afterwards 🌅 and there we missed the smooth concrete of London on these country road sideways 😂 to finally arrive with this luggage at our airbnb 🤩.

Next stop: PHOTOSHOOTDAY 😍 the house was even more gorgeous than in the pics (check it out here: and we got so many scenes out of it. Especially because of Bry who was just making us feeling so good and easy while taking pictures and videos 🤩. Who let us change dresses while the other one of us was shooting… so imagine us running and changing, switching scenes from room to room and looking out that we didn‘t make a big mess. We had to be OUT at 6pm and we made it 😇😂.

We stayed for another night in Bosham, the little cute town at the coast before we’ve headed back to London. I was still not feeling my best after catching a nasty cold at Uhuru festival sooo I took a much needed break and just layed in bed all day long. (Do you need pijama-days too for your well being?)

Two days I explored London alone which I enjoyed to the max…to zig zag randomly through streets and discover the coolest shops and doors and parks and views without even knowing what I was looking at… maybe it’s “the ignorant tourist style”...or the “I just go where my intuition tells me”-tourist?

I made a little mini v-log of all the things I told you here. Have a look!

One night we made sushi at home and Elessandra, the daughter of Eleshia and Darren was my kitchen chief and we washed the rice and prepared the ingredients together. Yummy, it was so good and fun and I just LOVE this family to the moon and back!
I am grateful for an incredible good time in England. I’m feeling blessed after a rich, wonderful summer packed with fun and action and love and beautiful places and now I’M READY to be HOME ❤️ I am looking forward to enjoying my family, my living space, my office, my work, my NORMAL LIFE which I love so much. #idonthavetravellergenes

Thank you Bry for your wonderful work - I can’t wait to show you the pictures she’s took!
Thank you Eleshia for having me!!!
Thank YOU for reading this blog!

I love yooou



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