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Traveling back to the 20ties

Nov 15, 2023

The cooperative living place in which we rent our apartment celebrated its 100th birthday during covid-restrictions so they had to postpone the big anniversary party. Last November it finally happened and they invited every resident to a 1920s inspired celebration.

When I met Mr. Sakata in 2001, we went out every evening in Takatsuki until as late as possible. We were 23 and 25 and had the best time together. In Switzerland Ken always worked in restaurants so his work includes a lot of people, loud conversations, “party kind of noises” and just a bubbly atmosphere in general. That’s why he prefers staying home on his days off over going ANYwhere…

So when I asked him: “Will you go out with me to this party?” I was not expecting a clear “Yes, let’s go!” Oh wooooow!!!!

When we get an invitation for a wedding or a party I first decide for myself if I want to go or not. This usually takes me a few seconds. I trained this inner dialog over decades. If it’s a “meeeh, I don’t know” it’s a no. If it’s a hell yes, it’s obviously a yes. My decision does not include my husband as he told me about 5 years into our marriage that he’ll not attend another lengthy wedding party. I’m used to going alone to big parties and I enjoy it very much to only take care of myself. When Mika was little, she was in team party with me, now she’s like daddy… : ).

You see, why I was so amazed that he said YES! He was not into costume-renting though and found my 20ties dress from the rental way too expensive. I got him a cane with a silver duck as a handle. That was his costume…When he wanted to leave the house looking like an old fashioned book-keeper I refuuuused to go like this. After a fun dispute with so much laughter he finally put on his one and only black suit which he also wore to our wedding 20 years ago. At the party there was a lady with a vendor's-tray like back in the days full of bow ties and feathers, fake pearl necklaces etc. We could help ourselves and make Mr. Sakata more 20ies style with every round she took through the venue.

It was a glorious party with dinner, live band, dancers, dance-lessons, roulette (we got play money when we entered through the balloon-arch…) a photobooth… we had a blast!

I wouldn't have expected such a glorious party as the organization of our cooperative is very modest and down-to-earth. We don’t waste things. We take care of our belongings. We do not overdo anything… that’s not a critique, just a fact. AND the reason why I was surprised : ). Everybody in the venue was dressed up, everybody had a great time. Everything was free. We really got spoiled.

Going home by bus and being home within 15 min is the luxury of little tiny Zurich. The journey to the 20ties was an easy ride. Coming back to the here and now was good too as the next day we celebrated our girl's 12th birthday.

Do you like parties? Big events? Weddings? Costume parties?
If you have a significant other, are they joining you anyway? Are you sometimes going separately to places?

I like to ask questions because sometimes we just THINK it has to be this or that way “just because”. But we can think about “What do I want!?” and then fulfill our personal wishes and needs while “the others” can do things their way. And if the wishes and needs fit together we can go and do things together because we want to, not because “we have to”.

Tell me what you think. Tell me your opinion. I’d love to hear from you. Just hit reply.

I’m sending you a big hug from Zurich, Switzerland


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