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The police ended our Limousine ride - Beat you owe us!

Dec 06, 2023

Ken normally doesn’t like surprises and likes to celebrate his birthday quietly and preferably at home. When I saw this offer of a restaurant during a school-team-event I thought: THIS is the perfect present for my husband: A limousine comes to your house to pick you up, drives you to this lush country guest house for a 5 course dinner for 4 persons and back home again. The price was 320 Swiss Francs I think… which is less than you pay for a fancy dinner in the city without any car included. I was sold and sooo looking forward to Ken’s face when he saw the limousine. Our besties didn’t have kids back then, we organized Mika somewhere and the surprise went WELL!

Our driver's name was Beat. He had a mustache, a leopard-tie and looked like directly teleported from an 80ties movie…The interior of the limousine matched him. Old school but very nice. We had some bubbles and enjoyed the ride through the city and onwards to the countryside. Dinner was nice. We had a great time together and celebrated Ken with cake and candles for dessert. We saw that Beat just had a sausage and a piece of bread outside for dinner so we wanted to invite him for cake. He refused and waited for us until it was time to drive home again.

We loosened up and got used to this limousine life. Music loud and a little more outgoing than on the way out… and then Beat opened that window between the passengers and the drivers seat: Oh shit. Tell them that YOU ARE DRIVING WITH ME PRIVATELY! Eeehm, Beat, on your limousine there is the logo of the restaurant… shall we tell the police that you are my godfather or what? A random police check for alcohol and “whatever can also be checked on” stopped us and the officer told us: “We have a problem here. Your driver has no taxi-driver license so you need to get out of this car and take a taxi home.” REALLY!? It was after midnight in December and a taxi from here to home would be 100 bucks the least! And hey, we’re here to ride a limousine… not an ordinary car. : ) No discussion.

Beat had to head home without us. We had to say goodbye to the big car and to our gorgeous driver who obviously didn’t tell the restaurant about his license situation… WTF : ) Well Beat apologized a million times, told us that he’ll pay for the taxi and he’ll owe us a ride to Europa park (an amusement park in Germany which is 90 min away by car).... I had his number so we were curious if he’ll keep his promises.

Crammed into the taxi we couldn't stop laughing. Beat. Leopard tie-man…what were you thinking? We arrived safely. Beat stopped by to bring the taxi-money the next evening. We have a fun story to share and this amusement park ride is still outstanding. I would let you know when that really happens : ).

How do you love to celebrate your birthday? Quiet style or with a big party?

I’ll tell you about my 40th birthday in two weeks : ). This was the most gorgeous party I’ve ever held and such great memories were made. Ken’s birthday is tomorrow on December 4… I asked: “What do you want to do for your birthday?” NOTHING is the order… “Shall we go out for brunch, you and me?” … ”No thank you, I prefer to eat at home…” : ).

I wish you a great start into the new week and send you loads of loooove from Zurich, Switzerland! Let’s make this world more colorful, playful and joyful,


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