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You are the cutest on the whole dancefloor!

Jan 10, 2024

We saw him on the dance floor. 10 years younger and we found him soo cute : ). Two married women in a club unleashed in 2006. No, I don’t like this word. As if we would be on a leash for one second. Our men at home wished us heaps of fun and they knew we’ll talk to everybody and anybody we’ll like and make new friends as always, wherever we go. Valery and I like to be upfront and cheery and our grounded self-confidence is the best thing to have a great time together. We don’t need to please anybody. We are here to have fun.

This sounds like we would have been clubbing always. I was just thinking about all the birthday parties we celebrated, house parties at friends but going to a club for dancing and drinking, I think…this was the one and only time we went out like this. Not counting the countless student-parties during university-time where Valery studied sports and I food engineering. We liked to drink beer and drinks but only as many to still enjoy the evening with “control”. I never had a black out in my life, that was not for me. I was always the one who brought home my very drunk flatmates though.

Anyway, this was way after graduating, the shared apartment was history for 2 years already and before we had kids. Anyway, the cute guy was really outshining any man on the dancefloor in our opinion. When I met a friend of my ex-boyfriend I asked him: “Do you think this guy can deal with us saying: ‘You are the cutest guy on the whole dancefloor!’?” He clearly stated: “Nope, I don’t think so.”

Ok, that adds to the pick up line which is not really one, because we’re not here to pick up anybody : ).

Like giggling teenagers we approached the cute guy and told him “Our friend thinks you can’t deal with it when we tell you “you are the cutest man in this whole club”.” He was amused, flattered and totally fine with the compliment. A really nice guy whom we spent the whole evening with, together with his friends. In Switzerland going to a club and drinking is allowed at 18. No waiting or cheating until 21. Beer is even allowed when you are 16. I don’t remember if they still were teenagers ; ). When they found out how OOOOOLD we were (28 and 30) and MARRRRRIED!!!??? They couldn’t get their heads around it. BUT we continuously were dancing and laughing together even though one of his friends complained hard… He stated over and over again that “EVERY WOMAN in this club would go home with you but you hang out with these two old chicks” : ). Ha! Spending time with us is an honor, young man : ).

Back then social media was just starting out in Switzerland and digital cameras were just about to become affordable sooo live party-photographers were a big thing (I did this during university too…basically to be a staff at the party of the Swiss big-brother-show and talk to the “kicked out” participants…do you remember big brother? ; ) but that’s a story for another day.) and we posed in all the different combinations for pics. How cool was it to have pics of an evening like this! Printed out, glued into the scrapbook.

We didn’t exchange phone numbers and I don’t remember their names but you could ask Valery about this evening and she would remember it immediately too. “One for the books”, if we would have been on facebook these guys would probably still be “our friends”. I wasn’t back then and Valery is living a social media free life.

The moral of the story? Having fun is fun? Going out when you want to go out is fun? Being bold and talking to strangers you’d like to connect can lead to an even greater evening than you would have had anyway?

I remember: I felt ALIVE, totally present, I had fun, I felt the looooove of my bestie who I met at our first day of high school in 1993, I felt free and at home within myself. I don’t need to go out to feel all these feelings. I can have them now when I go for a walk in the woods with Valery. I barely drink alcohol anymore and that’s totally ok for me. I think that’s the message of this story: You can do or be wherever you want to be and create your own fun in your own way. If you do it with someone you love and trust 1000% the fun might get doubled and tripled.

Let’s feel alive in 2024. Let’s create our home within ourselves. Let’s build beautiful relationships, old and new with great and clear communication. Let’s make this world more colorful, playful and joyful!

Sending you LOVE from Zurich, Switzerland


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