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Create your vision board & let it do it‘s magic

Feb 21, 2024

What we surround ourselves with has a big impact on our wellbeing, our thoughts aaaand on our subconscious. When you love the place you live in, your health and mood is better, you feel good. The pictures on your walls have a big impact on yourself too: What kind of message do they have? How do your artworks make you feel when you look at them? Pay close attention to that! Your feelings are your compass. (You know…joy is my compass : ))

I don‘t want to argue with you about your beloved artwork : ). I just want to inspire you to think about what is „allowed to be at your walls“ and what kind of message does the art speak to you all day long.

For example, if you are looking for a fulfilling L💖VE in your life and you have only lonely, sad single people on the pictures on your walls…maybe you want to switch them up and just TRY what changes in your life when you switch them up with fun pictures of a loving couple… will you think about the art on your walls and the goals in your life? If they match or if they talk a completely different language?

THAT‘S when your vision board comes to play: A piece of art which has all your wishes and your dreams for 2024 or for your life in general on it. 

I looove to do collages so much so I do a vision board every year. This year I even created two. One for my business for my office (at the yellow wall) and one for my „whole life“ in my bedroom. I wanted to give my business goals more space than just being „a part of my whole life“. That feels really good and I love to look at my vision boards at home and in my office.

So WHY should you invest the time and effort to do your own vision board? Because it TALKS to you. It has a MESSAGE. It has a VIBE : ). Words, pictures, symbols, destinations, activities, people, habits… you just put together everything you want to focus on, what you want to experience and, most importantly HOW do you want to FEEL when and during your wishes and dreams are „fulfilling themselves“. 

We always have the vision board online retreat in Joy Academy in January. Setting priorities, planning adventures, choosing the habits we want to focus on and how we want to feel… the implementation takes 3 hours for some people (I admire your speed) and 3 weeks for people like me : ). It doesn‘t matter how long it takes you. The only and most important rule is: Only put visuals and words on your board which make you feel good, which are uplifting and inspiring. Or a reminder for something you want to pursue or do in your year.

For example, I love boat rides on Lake Lucerne. Now I do them so regularly they are like super present and of course I‘ll go several times a year. A few years back the little picture of that old steam boat reminded me in fall the latest to book that roundtrip ticket and enjoy that 7 hour boat trip within the beautiful mountains in first class, work, have lunch and indulge in the breathtaking landscape.

So your vision board „actively“ reminds you of the things you want to experience AND it talks to you subconsciously like the art work I talked about in the beginning. The words and pictures have messages your soul receives and you‘ll feeeeeel the positive impact.

If you don‘t believe in such woo-woo stuff… that‘s totally ok too! Do a vision board anyway and „just“ enjoy the cool pics and the good feeling words you‘ve put together. Deal? Will you show me your vision board? I would loooove to see yours!

Have a great time and take good care of you

Lots of L💖VE from Zurich, Switzerland



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