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Going away for me-time - what a privilege

Mar 06, 2024

When was the last time you had 5 days to yourself? Me-time? A hotel room to yourself? If you are regularly on trips on your own, you might skip this email : ) it‘s about the excitement of going AWAY from family/job/everything and being ALONE at the sea. On a cliff in the morning at 4:44 and journaling and doing yoga and meditating. It‘s about having a big room AND a bathroom AND a bathtub for yourself and a DOOR to close behind you. : )

I was desperate for alone time in 2017. Mika was 6 and I rarely was a weekend away. Maybe once or twice a year. This week in Portugal at the Epic Sana Hotel was the biggest deal for me EVER. And I had to balance my mom-guilt with my feeling of freedom!

It was a retreat of my coach Sarah Leather who also ran our mastermind. We had wonderful sessions for self development and business coaching AND we had a lot of free time to enjoy the landscape of the Algarve, the sea and the park around the hotel. We have no sea in Switzerland so it’s always THE DREAM to be at the big water.

Many of my wonderful Joy Academy members have little children and this mom-guilt-problem is a THING. I really truly absolutely am certain that everybody, especially humans who care for other humans (little or big ones, young or old) need a break from time to time. I’ve told you about my morning magic where I created time for myself daily when Mika was little. That’s THE trick for having time to think and breathe, to work out and journal IF there is no other time in the day you can take for yourself.

Going away and REALLY being away is another level of me-time which I can encourage you to organize for yourself. Maybe it’s not a retreat in a hotel. Maybe you can use the vacation home of a friend? Or you go camping? Or visiting a friend's place who is not home. Sitting at a little creek with the sound of nature around you can be as exhilarating as listening to the waves of the ocean.

If you are thinking: WHAT are you talking about, I don’t want to leave my family behind, I want to spend time with them all the time. Please know that the most important value of my life and my business is freedom. Freedom to me means that I live my life the way I WANT and not the way it is expected of me. I believe that we would have so much less problems in this world, if we would respect the others WANTS and NEEDS truly and authentically.

So if you don’t want to go away and you feel good about staying at home with your people. That’s so, so wonderful. If you infuse your days with things which bring you all JOY and fun… even better!

Let’s create our lives the way we LOVE to live it. Let’s take our ideas and wishes seriously. Let’s take good care of ourselves because we can only pour from a full cup. Even better when we serve from our saucer, from the overflow of our cup.

Let’s appreciate that we are ALIVE and that our heart is beating. I just attended a funeral of a dear friend yesterday and it was so sad to say goodbye and so beautiful to honor his legacy, his life and see how many people loved and appreciated him. This life is precious and our time on this planet in this body.

I’m sending you a big, big hug and lots of love from Zurich, Switzerland



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