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I’m not 16 yet. - Can I see your ID please?

Mar 20, 2024

This is a short one : ) and I have no idea if it’s interesting to you or not at all (answer to this email and let me know your feedback. I would love to know what is interesting to you, what you want to hear more of. Do you have any questions?)

The point is, when I see my ID from 1992, this is my immediate memory. 

I need to give you a little background-info first: In Switzerland everything gets more expensive when you turn 12. Well, in public transportation you need a full price ticket when you are 16. We have a “half-tax-card” system here: Pay 170 bucks per year for that card and then your train-tickets are always half-price. Until 16 you pay half-price anyway.

Over 16 that you need this card to make your ride with a half-price-ticket valid. Complicated? From a tourist's perspective it really sounds wicked. And if you are here for a good amount of weeks (like my father in law for 3 months) this half-tax-card is written off very quickly even though it’s for a full year.

Everybody who is not a total car-nerd and/or public-transportation-hater has this card. That’s why we don’t even know how high ticket prices can be if you pay full… we just “think” in half-prices.

It was in 1992 where there were still eye-color and hair-color written into your ID. So red-blond, grey-blue were my colors and my picture looked like a gangster. When the train conductor arrived to check my ticket, they saw the half-price ticket and always screened my face and height and then told me to show my “half-tax-card”. I remember how proud I was that I looked 16 or older and HOW much I LOOOOVED to show them my ID which was proof that I was only 14.

Do you remember when you were happy when people guessed that you were older than you? : )

Are you “paper-ID-with-embossed-stamps-on-pictures”-old too? Do you still have them? What kind of advice would you tell your “baby-you” from the future?

I love to time travel in my mind, to the past and into the future.

If you want to do a future-me-meditation for free HERE.

Have a great day at the exact wonderful age you are TODAY. You don’t have to look younger, you don’t have to look older. You just ARE the version of yourself today. Anything is possible and you are amazing.

Lots of looove from Zurich, Switzerland


PS: My haircuts were crafted by my trusted hairdresser in the village I grew up in while looking at the cassette cover of Roxette: Watch their hit-single “Joy Ride” and you probably understand my motivation. : )



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